How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 22 1998

'...and shall bring forth ___': Matt. ASON
'Biscuit' introduced in 1912 OREO
'Carousel' choreographer DEMILLE
'Fantasia' dancers HIPPOS
'I understand!' AHSO
'Oh, go on!' TUSH
'Old' country SOD
'Road' film destination BALI
'Stupid ___ stupid does' ISAS
'The Capeman' composer SIMON
'The Family Circus' cartoonist KEANE
'Tom Thumb' star Tamblyn RUSS
'Well done!' in Italy BENE
'___ Thief' (1950 movie) ONCEA
Action at Christie's BID
Advantage LEGUP
Anderson of sitcoms LONI
Author Fleming IAN
Babes in the woods NAIFS
Bagpipe part DRONE
Bibliophilic data EDITIONS
Big name in games SEGA
Black and white cartoon character PEPELEPEW
Bound collection SHEAF
Brewery fixture OAST
Bridge seats EASTS
Bronco's locale GRIDIRON
Bunk position ONTOP
C in a C scale, e.g. TONIC
Cary of 'The Princess Bride' ELWES
Channel swimmer Gertrude EDERLE
Citroën model name ACTIVA
College major DRAMA
Cool drinks ADES
Cornmeal slab HOECAKE
Country name REBA
Current: Prefix RHEO
Dangerous strain EBOLA
Detriment HARM
Dietary, in ads LITE
Disentangle UNKNOT
Does a warm-up (for) OPENS
Downright blue LEWD
Drive participants DONORS
Ending with iron or tin WARE
Female fowl PEAHEN
Flag SAG
Florida city, informally BOCA
Former W.B.C. lightweight champion CAMACHO
Former White House nickname DICK
Garment slit VENT
Give off intense light LASE
Hartebeest kin GNU
He caught his adversary's ear TYSON
He notched 363 victories SPAHN
High times? NOONS.
High times? NOONS
Hoopster/actor ONEAL
Husband of Ops, in myth SATURN
Hydroplane part FLOAT
In condensed format CAPSULAR
Indian comic strip character? THESADSAC
Indian weatherman's forecast? APACHEFOG
Indian's 'Well, sorr-r-ry!'? SOSIOUXME
Indian's interpretation of Robert Browning? OTOEBEINENGLAND
Initiated, with 'off' TEED
Instrument superseded by the viol REBEC
It bollixes up the machinery GRIT
It may be common NOUN
It's found in sticks OLEO
It's sometimes 'junk' FOOD
Jazz singer Jones ETTA
Jordan dropped it in 1949 TRANS
Kind of bank EYE
Kind of kitchen EATIN
Lagoon perimeter REEF
Language of India TAMIL
Like a body in Newton's first law ATREST
Like a jam IMPROMPTU
Long story SAGA
Lorelei Lee's creator ANITALOOS
Loyal subject LIEGE
Make a new connection with RETAP
Martian feature ICECAP
Mekong River capital PHNOMPENH
Metronome settings TEMPI
New York 'Place' name ASTOR
Not happy with SOREAT
Often underreported income TIPS
One of L.B.J.'s beagles HER
One who takes orders CHEF
p., as in Plymouth PENCE
Paint remover component ACETONE
Patch up SEW
PC menu selection HELP
Precept TENET
Primitive Indian? CROWMAGNON
Puffed, as a reefer TOKED
Put ___ question INTO
RCA products: Abbr. RECS
Rebelled RISEN
Rest stop lineup SEMIS
Restlessness ITCH
River through Aragon EBRO
Roy Rogers, né Leonard ___ SLYE
Salami choice GENOA
Simmons rival SEALY
Sleek, in car lingo AERO
Some choristers ALTOS
Some computer program sequences LOOPS
Some wimple wearers PRIORESSES
Sound effects in an Indian haunted house? ERIENOISES
South American rodent COYPU
South American stamp word BRASIL
Stopover for young Indians? UTEHOSTEL
Store come-on LOSSLEADER
Switch's partner BAIT
Take a powder SCRAM
Temple of Zeus site NEMEA
They often accompany ejections FINES
Tot's cry PAPA
Trainer's workplace, perhaps SPA
Turning about the vertical YAWING
Unappetizing fare GLOP
Urban playing site STOOP
Vintner's prefix OENO
Vintner's prefix OENO.
W.W. I Allied plane SPAD
Weigh, with 'over' MULL
West Indies native CARIB
What the Indian said after his son's road test? HOPIPASSED
What the Indian said after taking out a car loan? IOWABUNDLE
Where the Knicks play: Abbr. MSG
Words before 'about' ONOR
Yahoo BOOR
___ one's heels NIPAT
___-tiller ROTO
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