How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 14 2019

'Au contraire ...' butno
'Begone!' shoo
'Begone!' scat
'Ciao!' adios
'Curious ...' itsodd
'Murder, She Wrote' setting cabotcove
'Phooey!' dang
'Right you are!' yes
'The Chosen' novelist Potok chaim
'Toodle-oo!' tata
15-season show set in Vegas csi
2016 #1 Rihanna album anti
4-0, e.g sweep
ABC sitcom about the Johnsons blackish
Actress Sohn of 'The Wire' sonja
Affix with a thumbtack pinup
Airheaded spacy
Artless nickname? stu
Blogger's code html
Blueprint details specs
Bout enders, informally tkos
Chihuahua, e.g state
Clarinetist Shaw artie
Cook in the news tim
Countdown time, for short nye
Cousin of a martini gibson
Cryptanalysis org nsa
Cuzco residents incas
Dahlia and Agatha, in the Jeeves novels by P. G. Wodehouse aunts
Dazzle amaze
Delish yummy
Down inafunk
Dutch cheese edam
Early millennium year mii
Enlightens edifies
Epitome of slowness molasses
Ermines, in the summer stoats
Father figure? dadbod
Flower traditionally used to relieve inflammation arnica
Full house, e.g hand
Gaping opening maw
Get hitched sayido
Get ready for a long auto trip tankup
Goddess represented wearing a solar disk isis
Goes on to say adds
Got comfortable with adaptedto
Grp. that often has its first meeting in the fall pta
Guest bed when you don't have an actual guest bed sofa
Hair net snood
Having a high B.M.I., say obese
Historical records annals
Hits the jackpot winsbig
Home of the 2016 men's and women's Olympic marathon winners kenya
Homes in the woods dens
Hook's helper smee
How a ballerina might be seen ontoe
Imitation aping
Important address keynote
In the club initiated
Junk transporters scows
Just fabulous aces
Knocks the socks off stuns
Laundry setting spindry
Liftoff preceder one
Like the legs of a daddy longlegs spindly
Literary character who says 'Cassio's a proper man' iago
Longtime broadcaster of the Masters golf tournament cbs
Madcap antic
Major to-do fuss
Mascara mishap smear
Mere smidgen skosh
Michael Jackson's second album ben
Mr. ___ (fictional sleuth) moto
Must needto
Next-to-last letter psi
No-nos in many apartment buildings pets
Not bottled, say ontap
Not just words deeds
Not, to a Scot nae
Object of wishful thinking? genie
Oceania's enemy, in '1984' eastasia
Onetime trans-Atlantic fliers, for short ssts
Ottoman rank pasha
Part of a dark cloud gnat
Part of an old train wagon
Paul of 'There Will Be Blood' dano
Peeples person? nia
Performer at a canine talent show in 'Garfield: The Movie' odie
Person with a record excon
Pickle situation
Poker variety omaha
Popular girl's name any way you look at it anna
Pricing word each
Probes examines
Pump up stoke
Quagmires morasses
Rip Van Winkle had a long one nap
Road safety spot, e.g., for short psa
Roberto of 'Life Is Beautiful' benigni
Runs perfectly hums
Samosa ingredients peas
Samurai swords katanas
Sch. from which Lady Gaga and Woody Allen were dropouts nyu
Seaside rental scuba
Seemingly forever onend
Slightly salty brackish
Some breads ... or a homophone for what bread loaves do ryes
Some prosecutors, for short adas
Some track bets exactas
Sort of abit
Starfleet Academy attendee cadet
Start printing gotopress
Starting lineup ateam
Stormy inclement
Sub standin
Takes a few courses? dines
Tasted, quaintly ateof
Territories lands
Tex-Mex dish fajita
Thanks for waiting tip
They're full of holes sieves
Things to skip ads
Time to treat yourself meday
Totally apt onpoint
Tram part car
Treat with utter contempt spitat
Troy of N.F.L. fame aikman
TV's '___ Is Us' this
Unit in a bar graph increment
Vaper's purchase, for short ecig
Verb with 'thou' doest
Walletfuls wads
Water or rust oxide
Web user netizen
What 'T' may represent commercially tesla
What some carefree beachgoers do gotopless
What you might write to someone you like ode
Word with 'in,' 'on' or 'in on' let
Work with a number opus
Wreck site seabed
[I don't believe it!] gasp
___ Park, Colo estes
___ Spumante (wine) asti
___ stick pogo
___-face kissy
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