How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 28 2004

"Bus Stop" playwright INGE
"Glengarry ___ Ross" GLEN
"Shoo!" SCRAM
"Stand By Me" director REINER
"___ Me Nearer" DRAW
1968 Nobel Peace Prize winner Cassin RENE
Able to act at will FREE
Andes ruminant LLAMA
Angel's abode HEAVEN
Au courant AWARE
Bald-faced bit LIE
Baltimore's McHenry, for one FORT
Blew a gasket RAGED
Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff DREGS
Calabash GOURD
California resort city PALMSPRINGS
Churchill's "___ Country" AFAR
Coat you throw away without regret RIND
Corresponded WROTE
Coupe alternative SEDAN
Cowboy competitions RODEOS
Creator MAKER
Crucifixes ROODS
Denies access to BARS
Did routine maintenance OILED
Dinner at boot camp MESS
Drifting ice FLOE
Dry, cold northerly wind MISTRAL
Emulate Wiley Post AVIATE
Engage one's services HIRE
Fine-feathered specimen EGRET
First family's address? EDEN
Fractional monetary unit of Japan SEN
Get one's dander up ANGER
Gibson of Hollywood MEL
Great dog DANE
Greek diner order GYRO
Gussies up PREENS
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
Inaccurate OFF
It may climb the walls VINE
Justice cover-up? ROBE
Least foolish WISEST
Like a fat cat WELLHEELED
Mark alternative EURO
Metric capacity units LITERS
Naval Academy grad. (Abbr.) ENS
Neatened the lawn, in a way EDGED
Not active INERT
Nothing alternative ALL
Old syllable meaning "before" ERE
One-time Venetian coin LIRA
Organic compound ENOL
Oscar winner Sophia LOREN
Passenger ships LINERS
Plants considered as a group FLORA
Quarter of eight TWO
Reading position, often ABED
Refrains from harming SPARES
Regatta implement OAR
Region of New York FINGERLAKES
Reprimand mildly CHIDE
Rodgers and Hart musical ONYOURTOES
Roman greetings AVES
SNL's Carvey DANA
Some black sheep RAMS
System of principles CREDO
Thespian's gig ROLE
Tie the knot WED
Waits at the light IDLES
Walked purposefully STRODE
When repeated, a comforting word THERE
Where to see Puppis and Carina ARGO
Wind instruments REEDS
Women's ___ LIB
Word with down or key LOW
Yield, as property CEDE
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