How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 22 2019

'Ain't gonna happen!' nah
'Cake Boss' network tlc
'That cracks me up!' haha
17-Across user, informally nag
Arboreal Aussie koala
Auto additive brand stp
Barely passing grade dee
Bassoons, e.g reeds
Befitting royalty regal
Big Apple tennis venue ashe
Blood recipient, e.g donee
Bound along lope
Burdensome debt, e.g onus
Cabinet dept. created in 1979 educ
California wine county sonoma
Canning tomato roma
Charioteers' event race
Cosmonaut Gagarin yuri
Dance for two tango
Debussy's 'La ___' mer
Divided peninsula korea
Dramatic opening actone
Dress rehearsal, e.g runthrough
Eerie sighting ufo
Eggplant parm order hero
Fit of pique snit
Full of pep gogo
Full of sass saucy
FWIW part its
Gehrig, 'the Iron Horse' lou
Gully-forming effect erosion
Hair on a lid eyelash
Has a bias leans
Heron's cousin egret
Hides in the shadows lurks
Johnny B. of song goode
Kanga's little one roo
Keats ode subject urn
Lacking couth rude
Lee who sang 'Fever' peggy
Like all Scotch whisky aged
Like Ambrose Bierce, famously cynical
Lure into crime entrap
Many profs' degrees phds
Morally degraded seamy
Mosque deity allah
Place to drink on a farm horsetrough
Plead guilty to admit
Post-overexertion lament imsore
President on V-J Day truman
Psyche section ego
Pupa's home cocoon
Put into pigeonholes sort
Raw material for ginger snaps cookiedough
Retro sign gas neon
Reunion crowd kin
Runaway win romp
Salon supplies dyes
Scrape together, with 'out' eke
Shakespearean Moor othello
Sign up enroll
SpaceX founder Musk elon
Storm rumble thunder
Street gang member youngtough
Symphony leader maestro
Tales spanning centuries sagas
Teri of 'Young Frankenstein' garr
Texter's 'Yikes!' omg
Threadbare coat, e.g rag
Threaten with violence menace
Trevi Fountain coin euro
Uber driver's need car
Understand fully get
Way around Paris metro
Way over yonder afar
Woman with an online list angie
Wrapped up ended
Zinger-filled tribute roast
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