How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 23 2009

''Good Times'' surname EVANS
''Mind Medicine'' author Geller URI
A wife of Henry VIII PARR
Allow, as evidence ADMIT
Analyzes, grammatically PARSES
Apollo's instrument LYRE
Attach, as a feed bag TIEON
Baretta's pet cockatoo FRED
Barrie buccaneer SMEE
Basra locale IRAQ
Breyers competitor EDYS
Bump off DOIN
Certain math TRIG
City divided into nine arrondissements LYON
Clinical trial offering, perhaps PLACEBO
Clucking sound TSK
Commemorate lavishly FETE
Contaminant-free PURE
Converse alternative KEDS
Corned beef dishes HASHES
Deprived (of) BEREFT
Dish warmer? STERNO
Ear or brain section LOBE
English class topic USAGE
Fake coin SLUG
Feature for David Letterman GAP
Great frigid mass FLOE
Hail ___ (wave from the sidewalk) ACAB
Hairy cousin on TV ITT
Hiker's path, often MAINTRAIL
His wife was a pillar of the community LOT
Hostels INNS
It might have an effect GALE
Jazz fan? UTAHN
Lacking color ASHY
Let it be, in journalese STET
Lets out or takes in ALTERS
Leveled RAZED
Like some shots LONG
Like the Aesir NORSE
Losing line in tic-tac-toe OXO
Major employer in Hawaii DOLE
Make a boo-boo GOOF
Nest egg (Abbr.) IRA
No exemplar of grace OAF
Olive or her brother Castor OYL
Palm type SAGO
Post-punk movement GOTH
Promise to PBS PLEDGE
Punches AWLS
Raccoon relative COATI
Saturday morning staple CARTOON
Separate forcefully REND
Sign of stress TIC
Sir or Madam, e.g. TITLE
Smidgen ATAD
Snowblower maker TORO
Some candy bar fillings NOUGATS
Spend, as energy EXERT
State of melancholy GLOOM
Stern that bows ISAAC
Submits to gravity SAGS
Superior attitudes AIRS
Surrenders TURNSOVER
Tableware CUTLERY
Take an electronic picture of SCAN
Thermometer site OVEN
They work on the spot ADMEN
TV attorney Matlock BEN
U.S. cabinet dept. AGR
U.S.-Canada defense grp. NORAD
When the noon hour ends ATONE
___ de gallo (Mexican condiment) PICO
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