How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Sep 29 2013

''A likely story!'' IBET
''Arf'' or ''woof'' BARK
''Das Kapital'' author MARX
''Fat chance!'' HAH
''From here __ . . .'' ONIN
''How sweet __!'' ITIS
''Kyrie __'' (part of a mass) ELEISON
''Not to mention . . .'' ALSO
''Now, listen!'' SEEHERE
''Titanic'' passenger class STEERAGE
''Waterloo'' pop group ABBA
''__ porridge hot . . .'' PEASE
''__ the thought!'' PERISH
''__ you know!'' ALOT
A whole bunch LOADS
Acropolis site ATHENS
Actor LaBeouf SHIA
Actress Longoria EVA
Adam and Eve's youngest SETH
Arena walkway AISLE
Author Ferber EDNA
Auto repair shops GARAGES
Bacon hunk SLAB
Baja buddy AMIGO
Ballpark beverage BEER
Bandleader's cry HITIT
Be out of sorts AIL
Bit of dust MOTE
Boardroom VIP CEO
Box that beeps PAGER
California wine valley NAPA
CD ancestors LPS
Christmas trio MAGI
Cleared a hurdle LEAPED
Composer Copland AARON
Confederate soldier REB
Creme-filled cookie OREO
Crusty dessert PIE
Dad, to Popeye PAPPY
Dow Jones Industrials company IBM
Easy to wipe clean ERASABLE
Ego that can be repaired PATCHABLEI
Exhausted Muslim ruler BEATCALIPH
Expect the best from TRUST
Family support group ALANON
First X or O TIC
Former sunscreen ingredient PABA
Fuel from bogs PEAT
Gives a heads-up to ALERTS
Govt. fiscal agency OMB
Grinds, as teeth GNASHES
Gung-ho AVID
Headquartered BASED
Honorable cops' org ETHICALPBA
Impetus for a 1773 Boston ''party'' TEAACT
Important times ERAS
In itself PERSE
In-box contents MAIL
Individually EACH
Insertion mark CARET
Irritated NETTLED
Isn't lacking HAS
Itinerary ROUTE
Jazzman's get-out-of-jail money HEPCATBAIL
Judge's garb ROBE
King of tragedy LEAR
Lithuanian jalopy BALTICHEAP
Look of contempt SNEER
Looney Tunes pig PORKY
Lose one's cool GETMAD
Malamutes' tows SLEDS
Mane locale NAPE
Mellow woodwind OBOE
Metal source ORE
Midsection BELLY
Mobiles, for instance ART
Moola GELT
Mortarboard tosser GRAD
Mosque leader IMAM
Move like ivy CREEP
Must pay OWES
Not alfresco INDOOR
Not just ''a'' THE
Not of the clergy LAIC
Not up to par ILL
Nurses at the bar SIPS
Oak or olive TREE
Oil company sold to Texaco in 1984 GETTY
Oklahoma collegians SOONERS
Old hat TRITE
One way to get downtown HOPACAB
Oohs and __ AAHS
Pacify with concessions APPEASE
Palette choice HUE
Partner in cold-water therapy ICEBATHPAL
PC bailout key ESC
Peace Nobelist Peres SHIMON
Picnic piece RIB
Picnic place PARK
Pixels DOTS
Place to study green animals CHIAPETLAB
Places for earrings LOBES
Political thaw DETENTE
Potato-processing tool RICER
Preschooler TOT
Pretentious LADIDA
Puts into play USES
Quaint woeful words AHME
Quick-witted SMART
Ran, as dye BLED
Reduced by LESS
Rude observer OGLER
Rush order ASAP
Sanctified HOLY
Serious pipe problem GASLEAK
Some infield hits BUNTS
Some square dancers GALS
Sound judgment SENSE
Souvlaki-bread whitener PITABLEACH
Split-off group SECT
Spots with indoor trees, perhaps ATRIA
Steak selection TBONE
Stocking stuffers TOES
Stray calf DOGIE
Swim around a coral reef SCUBA
Taking after ALA
Taper off ABATE
Teatime treat SCONE
Tennis court surface CLAY
Testimonial dinner, e.g HONOR
Texas A&M athlete AGGIE
Theater sign EXIT
Thrifty competitor AVIS
Tissue layers PLIES
Tooth pros' org ADA
Toss some hay PITCHABALE
Trait carriers GENES
Truck capacity, at times ONETON
Video rental MOVIE
Volvo alternative SAAB
Washington portraitist PEALE
Well-thought-out SANE
Where to buy nuns' wear HABITPLACE
Wide-eyed feeling AWE
Widen, as pupils DILATE
Wife of Jacob LEAH
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