How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 08 2018

''Am __ late?'' itoo
''Baseball Tonight'' channel espn
''Good'' cholesterol hdl
''Quantum'' increase leap
''The Sopranos'' restaurateur artie
Address block abbr attn
African equines zebras
Agenda, informally sked
Alluring sexy
Angelic circle halo
Any ''Tonight Show'' host tvstar
As a bonus also
As compared to than
At close range near
At the moment now
Austrian bigwig of yore archduke
Bark from a beagle yip
Barnyard mom hen
Barnyard mom mare
Before now ago
Big Apple hoopsters brooklynnets
Big name in handbags prada
Boating blade oar
Bond in some buddy movies bromance
Bowler, for instance hat
Breakfast concoction hash
Buddhist monk lama
Camping accessories tentpegs
Capable of ableto
Certain Middle Easterner yemeni
Chips before deals antes
Classico competitor ragu
Complain at length carp
Consist of are
Covered like an armadillo plated
Crafty sly
Dancer's moves steps
Dipping cheese fondue
East African republic tanzania
Easy basket layup
Embarrassing commotion scene
Ending like -ity ness
Every one all
Feedback source for new ideas soundingboard
Festive party gala
First garden eden
Fix, as attention rivet
Fizzy mixer soda
Food truck fare taco
Free electrons ions
French water source evian
Frozen snack icepop
Gee follower aitch
Gold coin in pirate stories doubloon
Golden-__ corn eared
Gymnast Korbut olga
Individual person
Infuriate anger
Innocent one babe
It's introduced in court evidence
Keeps, old-style hath
Lead role in ''Gunsmoke'' marshaldillon
Leans some tilts
Lens-to-camera fastener bayonetmount
LOL sound haha
Lucy of ''Elementary'' liu
Lump of clay glob
Macroeconomic stat gnp
Many wines reds
Medicinal amount dose
Modify formally amend
Multinational monetary union euroarea
Musical motifs themes
Narrow peninsula neck
Nike competitor etonic
Not just any the
Obliterated erased
Office equipment contract lease
Open slightly ajar
PD alerts apbs
Perfumery compound ester
Persian ruler shah
Physicist Heisenberg werner
Places to park spots
Play areas yards
Pliers part jaw
Printer mishaps jams
Provided the funds for staked
Public opinion sampler poll
Quite protracted long
Railroad switch shunt
Reprimand upbraid
Requirement need
Residencia casa
Risotto __ zucca (pumpkin and rice dish) alla
River through Florence arno
Run slowly trot
Russian money ruble
Sailboat poles spars
Sandal features opentoes
Santa __, CA clara
Scandinavian capital oslo
Scottie who teamed with Michael Jordan pippen
Senior, to Junior dad
Serious sports fan's purchase seasonticket
Set forth posit
Shell out spend
Signed, as a contract inked
Singing superstar Mariah carey
Slightly atad
Soldier's time off leave
Son of Seth enos
Spy op, e.g covertaction
Squeaks by makesdo
Stage fare drama
Start of a trouble-free phrase nomuss
State-approved adders: Abbr cpas
Stratford's river avon
Symbol of strength iron
Symbols of wisdom owls
Take care of tend
Taken by mouth oral
Tall western tree ponderosapine
Tech's client user
Through all parts of over
Tim Cook, at Apple ceo
Title for two Beatles sir
Tones down tames
Top figure, for short max
Top gymnastic score ten
Toyota hybrid prius
Trade grp assn
Tribute in verse ode
Trombone part slide
Unexcelled best
Violinist Bell joshua
Wagered bet
WC Fields persona sot
Wedding cake levels tiers
Where Kipling was born india
Wide PC key enter
Worn out shot
Worship from __ afar
WWII summit site yalta
Yawn-inducing blah
Zellweger of cinema renee
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