How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 02 2014

''Ain't so!'' reply ISTOO
''I Walk the Line'' singer JOHNNYCASH
''Now'' or ''never'': Abbr ADV
''Peek-__!'' ABOO
90-degree pipe fitting ELL
Actress Vardalos NIA
Adjective suffix FUL
Airline's important customer FREQUENTFLIER
America's Cup, e.g SEARACE
Anger IRE
Anticipate AWAIT
Approve automatically RUBBERSTAMP
Aromatherapy oil source TEATREE
Bag carrier TOTER
Baton Rouge sch LSU
Bed bulb TULIP
Beer holder STEIN
Boat steerers TILLERS
Bone attached to the sternum TRUERIB
Brazilian dance SAMBA
British county SHIRE
Broadway auntie MAME
Business partner, perhaps SON
Car washer's challenge TAR
Carol lord, for one LEAPER
Choral part ALTO
Civil War letters CSA
Cloud type CIRRUS
Clumsy person OAF
College dorm VIPs RAS
Comedian's sidekick STOOGE
Comes to light TURNSUP
Conniving SLY
Contains HAS
Contaminates TAINTS
Culinary creations ENTREES
Dehumidifier's target MOISTURE
Docking places PIERS
Drugstore offering, perhaps FLUSHOT
Erode EAT
Evaluated RATED
Expand, as franks PLUMP
Extremely OHSO
Fail to mention OMIT
First lady before Michelle LAURA
Fit of temper SNIT
Follow all rules GOBYTHEBOOK
Food supplement VITAMINTABLET
Gargantuan BIG
Gave shape to FORMED
Gem-studded accessory TIARA
Golf standard PAR
Gooey campfire snack SMORE
Gymnast Mary __ Retton LOU
Hard to discern BLURRED
Have an influence on AFFECT
Have to pay OWE
Homer Simpson's dad ABE
Hospital specialist SURGEON
Hunger for CRAVE
Hypnotist's directive SLEEP
In the open OVERT
Informal eateries CAFES
It might be pounded out DENT
It's drawn in pubs ALE
Jazz singer Laine CLEO
Keycard receiver SLOT
Kitchen protector MITT
Lauer of ''Today'' MATT
Leave rolling in the aisles SLAY
Like a he-man push-up ONEARM
Made bundles BALED
Marcel Marceau character BIP
Market goer's memo LIST
Mold and mildew FUNGI
Moral misstep SIN
Munich mister HERR
No. after a phone no EXT
Not of the clergy LAIC
Novelist Tolstoy LEO
NPR host Glass IRA
Of interest to the IRS TAXABLE
Old Glory USFLAG
Opulent residence ESTATE
Other than that ELSE
Outperforms BESTS
Palette user ARTIST
Part of SASE ENV
Pivotal KEY
Place into service USE
Poetic preposition ERE
Pointless INANE
Produce leaves FOLIATE
Program stoppers ADS
Quick thrust JAB
Relaxation REPOSE
Relevant abilities SKILLSET
Removed, as a magazine page TOREOUT
RN setups IVS
Rural container SILO
Santa __, CA ANA
Sci-fi beings ETS
Scrub, at NASA ABORT
Sells for COSTS
Set fire to LIT
Shirts and shorts CLOTHES
Shorthand user STENO
Show of affection HUG
Silicon Valley car company TESLA
Skin or muscle SOFTTISSUE
Snorkeling spots ATOLLS
Soap additive ALOE
Socially smooth SUAVE
Solo of ''Star Wars'' HAN
Sort of bed FOURPOSTER
Spanish uncle TIO
Sports pg. number STAT
Suffix for proverb IAL
Supportive soccer cries OLES
Surprisingly NOLESS
Taking after ALA
Taoism founder LAOTSE
Tex-Mex snack TACO
They won't admit it DENIERS
Thus far ASYET
TiVo ancestor VCR
To an extreme degree AWFULLY
To the point BRIEF
University VIP DEAN
Verify from other sources CROSSCHECK
Very much TONS
Very strange EERIE
Wear well LAST
Weeps and wails SOBS
What a fluid oz. measures LIQ
Wild West showman BUFFALOBILL
Wind up END
Work on seams SEW
Young fellow LAD
Young whale CALF
__ water (facing trouble) INHOT
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