How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 14 2016

$$$ for the future IRAS
''Anchorman'' star WILLFERRELL
''Milk'' actor JOSHBROLIN
''Shark Tank'' mogul MARKCUBAN
''The Princess Bride'' director ROBREINER
''Walker, Texas Ranger'' star CHUCKNORRIS
''What a shame'' ALAS
''__ that a lot'' IGET
007 before Daniel Craig PIERCEBROSNAN
About 77% of Russia ASIA
Actress who became a princess GRACEKELLY
Airs now ISON
Alliances TIES
Alternative to fl. oz CCS
Amused look SMILE
Annoying youngster BRAT
Apply, as sunscreen RUBON
Author of the upcoming ''Z Is for Zero'' SUEGRAFTON
Autobahn autos OPELS
Bad check ltrs NSF
Bear: Sp OSO
Bibliography abbr ETAL
Big Tokyo-based brewer ASAHI
Bitterly harsh ACERBIC
Brewpub designation IPA
Broke bread ATE
Cake-pan brand BUNDT
Campfire treat SMORE
Carne __ (Latin American entrée) ASADA
Cause to become a cliché OVERUSE
Charitable donation ALMS
Chicago exchange, for short MERC
Coffee server URN
Completely, so to speak PLUMB
Cope with change ADAPT
Crafter's knife brand XACTO
Crater's edge RIM
Cruise ship medium OCEAN
Daffodils, e.g BULBS
Determine by logic INFER
Do some construction work WELD
Dr. show settings ORS
Early MTV regular PATBENATAR
Electronic examination SCAN
Ending for elf ISH
Erstwhile ruler of 113 Across SHAH
Far from al dente LIMP
Feline predator PUMA
Field of expertise AREA
Fuller claim to fame DOME
Gather dust LIEIDLE
Go (for) OPT
Gull cousin TERN
Handle, as chores TENDTO
Haul to the garage TOWIN
Having more info NEWSIER
HS student's exam PSAT
Hubbub ADO
Ill-fated energy company ENRON
Iowa State city AMES
It's north of Montana ALBERTA
Japanese soup RAMEN
Kuwaiti currency DINAR
Land on the Caspian IRAN
Large chamber group SEXTET
Look through casually BROWSE
Mentioned NAMED
Minutemen's hats TRICORNS
Miscellany GRABBAG
Nectar collector BEE
Nestlé subsidiary ALPO
New arrivals' subj ESL
Newcastle's river TYNE
Not as lenient STERNER
Not up to par ILL
Not worth talking about SMALL
Object of worship IDOL
On the rocks ICED
On, as a horse ASTRIDE
One-piece suit UNITARD
Oscar film of 2012 ARGO
Pan-frying SAUTEING
Part of ABM ANTI
Past the deadline LATE
Penitent person ATONER
Per annum AYEAR
Pipe type ELBOW
Place for ''dinero'' BANCO
Place for a book title SPINE
Play in the shallows WADE
Pleads BEGS
Poetic muse ERATO
Poke fun at RIB
Profusion SLEW
Program file-name ending EXE
Pushup beneficiaries PECS
Radiate EXUDE
Real estate ad abbr BRS
Regarding INRE
Remain undecided PEND
Remarked SAID
Render turbulent ROIL
Repurpose CONVERT
Rich cake TORTE
Ridge over the eyes BROW
Rio Grande feeder PECOS
River through Bern AAR
Royal of India RAJA
Sacred text KORAN
San __ Bay, CA PEDRO
See 82 Across DECO
Skiers' transports TBARS
Skilled shot DEADEYE
Slip into DON
Small ensemble DUO
Some food processors CANNERS
Some motorcade vehicles LIMOS
Something on a rod or rack TOWEL
South African golf pro ELS
Sponsorship AEGIS
Star in Orion RIGEL
Stating one's views OPINING
Stitch's movie pal LILO
Stroll AMBLE
Supermarket area DELI
Supermarket area AISLE
Tea from India ASSAM
Tears to shreds RIPSUP
Tech training ctr PCLAB
The Terminator, for one CYBORG
Tibia terminus ANKLE
Tilts a bit LEANS
Time Warner station TNT
Told, as a yarn SPUN
Unfunny due to 64 Down CORNY
Utopian IDEAL
What may hold gold ORE
With 60 Down, New Deal-era style ART
Worthy of worship HOLY
Wrapper brand SARAN
Yellowish brown CAMEL
Yellowstone grazer ELK
Young fellow BOY
[Look over here!] PSST
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