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Definitions of elbow in various dictionaries:

noun - hinge joint between the forearm and upper arm and the corresponding joint in the forelimb of a quadruped

noun - a sharp bend in a road or river

noun - a length of pipe with a sharp bend in it


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
Of Elbow, Knee, or Blister, the one who's a simple constable in "Measure For Measure"
This body part sometimes precedes "macaroni" in the name of a pasta
This comical constable in "Measure for Measure" shares a name with a body part
The minute you walked in the joint, you knew the name of this body part was from the old English "elnboga"
This joint connects your upper arm to your forearm
Hard physical work is made easier when you apply this type of "grease"
To thrust someone aside with an arm
Emily Post says a man may put his hand under this part of a woman only when helping her into a car or upstairs
Also a body part, in plumbing it's the fitting used to connect the joints of 2 pipes that meet at an angle
Joint at which the humerus, radius & ulna meet
Possible Dictionary Clues
Treat (a person or idea) dismissively.
Push or strike (someone) with one's elbow.
The joint between the forearm and the upper arm.
the joint between the forearm and the upper arm.
push or strike (someone) with one's elbow.
treat (a person or idea) dismissively.
to push with an elbow, or to push rudely, esp. to get past someone:
the bony point at which the arm bends, or the part of a piece of clothing which covers this area:
to hit someone with your elbow, sometimes as a sign to make them notice or remember something:
to push someone rudely with your elbows so that you can move or have more space:
Geographic Matches
Elbow, Saskatchewan, CANADA
Elbow description
The elbow is the visible joint between the upper and lower parts of the arm. It includes prominent landmarks such as the olecranon, the elbow pit, the lateral and medial epicondyles, and the elbow joint. The elbow joint is the synovial hinge joint between the humerus in the upper arm and the radius and ulna in the forearm which allows the forearm and hand to be moved towards and away from the body.The elbow is specific to humans and other primates.The name for the elbow in Latin is cubitus, and so the word cubital is used in some elbow-related terms, as in cubital nodes for example.
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