How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 07 2019

''For sure!'' nodoubt
''Frasier'' brother niles
''Hold on a __!'' sec
''Iliad'' warrior ajax
''It matters to me'' icare
''Ivanhoe'' novelist scott
''Oh, yeah?'' thatso
''Rebel Without a Cause'' star jamesdean
''The light dawns!'' aha
''Turn up the heat!'' brr
A third of a half-inning oneout
Air Force installations bases
Appetizer follower maincourse
Ark group pairs
Austrian ''Alas!'' ach
Be very fond of adore
Beach 7 Down totes
Beau swain
Big to-do stir
Bother much eatat
Business card no tel
Business machine cashregister
Carryalls bags
Casual pants jeans
Chooses, with ''for'' opts
Citrus peels zests
Clavicle neighbor sternum
Clever one wit
Computer trial, for short sim
Connection point node
Constellation near Gemini canisminor
Cookie container jar
County at the Golden Gate's north end marin
Curved like a rainbow arced
Desertlike arid
Desertlike saharan
Early PC screens crts
Easily bruised things egos
Economist Greenspan alan
Elaborate tale saga
Ending for land or sea scape
Ending like -arian ster
Entertain amuse
False appearance guise
Family room den
Farina, for instance meal
FBI operative agt
Feature film preceder of yore shortsubject
Female lobster hen
Fills with cargo lades
Film reviewer Roger ebert
Fit for food edible
Footed vase urn
Formal attire tuxedo
Former ''Daily Show'' host stewart
Franks redhots
Frat letter eta
Full of attitude sassy
Gadgets gizmos
Gems from Australia opals
Get-better regimen rehab
Glove leather suede
Gumshoe tec
Gyro holder pita
Harbor strolling spot pier
Hardness scale creator mohs
Hardwood tree ash
Hunter's quarry prey
In __ straits dire
Instagram attribution photocredit
Intense interrogation thirddegree
Just okay soso
Kitchen mixer setting whip
Laudatory verse ode
Lord's Prayer opening our
LP player hifi
Make amends atone
Makes corrections to emends
Max of pop art peter
Military guard sentry
Miniature golf starting points teepads
Miscalculate err
Mountain-road warning sign steepgrade
Mystical glow aura
Newspaper essay oped
Noisy napper snorer
Notable periods eras
Nun who won a Peace Prize teresa
On fire aflame
Once __ blue moon ina
Oscar actress Witherspoon reese
Pacific island nation fiji
Part of LED diode
Party thrower host
Place for pampering dayspa
Pleasure trip junket
Prescription, for short med
Pronoun for battleships she
Pronoun for earth in ''Joy to the World'' her
Proofreader's mark caret
Quarterback Manning eli
Quirk oddity
Radar reading speed
Rapidly fast
Razor inserts blades
Reads closely (over) pores
Reinforce, with ''up'' shore
Requirements dos
Roadside emergency signals flares
Russian money ruble
Sails through aces
Sales staff, for short reps
Salsa, for instance dip
Scavenger hunt handout list
Scratch up mar
Scratching post user cat
Set a price of ask
Shortened wds abbrs
Sir __ Guinness alec
Sound of displeasure hiss
State with just two area codes idaho
Storage structures sheds
Struggle (with) grapple
Suffix for block or stock ade
Supermarket lane aisle
Tailor's line seam
Tearjerker sadtale
Tennis great Nastase ilie
Thatcher successor johnmajor
Ticked off sore
Title role for Caine and Law alfie
Top-notch firstclass
Touchdown callers refs
Traditional Irish dance jig
Tropical tuber taro
Turn tenants into owners gocoop
Twangy-sounding nasal
Type of high-rise dwelling condo
Unable to sit still antsy
Unsuitable inapt
Worry about, slangily sweat
Zero-calorie drink water
Zodiac beast bull
__ butter (moisturizer) shea
__ chi (martial art) tai
__-ray Disc blu
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