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Definitions of hiss in various dictionaries:

noun - a fricative sound (especially as an expression of disapproval)

noun - a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt

verb - make a sharp hissing sound, as if to show disapproval


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
Boo's sibilant friend, this 4-letter word can express disapproval
Sound made by the Southeast Asian Cobra
Snakes, steam kettles & displeased audiences do this incessantly
To sibilate is to do this, like a snake or a disapproving audience
To sibilate is to do this, like a disapproving audience or a rattler
Possible Dictionary Clues
A sharp sibilant sound.
Make a sharp sibilant sound as of the letter s.
make a sharp sibilant sound as of the letter isi.
a sharp sibilant sound.
to make a noise like a long s sound:
to make a noise like the sound of the letter "s"
a sound like the letter s:
to say something in a quiet angry way:
A sharp sibilant sound similar to a sustained s.
To express (a negative view or reaction) by uttering a hiss: The audience hissed its displeasure.
Hiss might refer to
Hiss or Hissing may refer to:
* Hiss (surname)
* Sibilant, a group of consonants that have a hissing or hushing sound
* Tape hiss, high frequency noise present on analogue magnetic tape recordings
* Electronic circuit hiss, white noise (electronics) present at low level in all electronic circuits
* Hiss (electromagnetic), an electromagnetic wave phenomenon
* Hiss, white noise on tape recorders, phones, MP3 players, speakers, headsets, etc.
* Hissing (manhwa), a Korean manhwa series by Kang EunYoung
* The Hiss, a five piece rock band from Atlanta, Georgia
* H.I.S.S., Honda Ignition Security System vehicle immobiliser*
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