How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 01 2007

''All in the Family'' producer LEAR
''Bad'' prefix DYS
''Give it __!'' AGO
''Gotcha!'' ISEE
''Hinky Dinky Parlay __'' VOO
''Jeopardy!'' name ALEX
''Looks that way'' IDSAYSO
''Othello'' villain IAGO
''Playbill'' listings CASTS
''The Apprentice'' genre REALITY
''Wordplay'', for one INDIE
''__ cow!'' HOLY
3-D exam MRI
Abba of Israel EBAN
Adoptions TAKEUPS
Adriatic seaport BARI
Any ship SHE
Auctions off SELLS
Author Sholem ASCH
Balaam's mount ASS
Bald tire's lack TREAD
Beehive State Indian UTE
Beethoven dedicatee ELISE
Begin with enthusiasm DIVEIN
Big do, for short FRO
Bill add-on TAX
Boy Scout groups DENS
Brit. lexicon OED
Carry's partner CASH
Chemical ending IDE
Chows down EATS
Civil War photographer BRADY
Classroom missile PEA
Clean out EMPTY
Clio winner ADMAN
Cloth instrument? BURLAPSAX
Colonel Mustard's game CLUE
Come clean FESSUP
Come from behind RALLY
Come to grips, in the backwoods RASSLE
Computer programs, for short APPS
Condemned openly DECRIED
Crockpot creations STEWS
Cruel dude MEANIE
Dagwood's little neighbor ELMO
Desolate areas WILDS
Diplomatic break RIFT
Down-to-earth SANE
Duffer's woe SLICE
Easter instrument? BUNNYHARP
Entr'__ ACTE
Essayist's pen name ELIA
Everlasting ETERNAL
Fat avoider of rhyme SPRAT
Felt in one's bones SENSED
File-drawer abbr. MISC
Floored it SPED
Florida city, informally BOCA
Footnote abbr. IBID
Fragrant instrument? PERFUMEVIOL
Fridge forays RAIDS
Gabe Kaplan character KOTTER
Garfield's master JON
Gaucho's weapon BOLA
Give the slip to EVADE
Goalie's wear MASK
Goes wrong ERRS
Gown renters: Abbr. SRS
Goya subject ALBA
Graceland instrument? MEMPHISBELL
Green prefix ECO
Hagar's pooch SNERT
Half of ''dos'' UNO
Hanky embroidery INITIAL
Hardly colorful DRAB
Home to most Indians ASIA
Hosiery shade ECRU
Hotel area LOBBY
Ice-cream thickener AGAR
Iced, as a deal SEWEDUP
Informed about UPON
Islamic Almighty ALLAH
Jockey strap REIN
Johnny Cash boy SUE
La __ Tar Pits BREA
Lacking liveliness VAPID
Lifesaving team: Abbr. EMTS
Like a bad omen DIREFUL
Like a sloth SLOW
Like gherkins PICKLED
Links hazard TRAP
Lucille Ball, e.g. REDHEAD
Made tough STEELED
Missing instrument? STOLENBASS
Mustachioed surrealist DALI
Net holders RIMS
Nursery newcomer NEONATE
Of summer ESTIVAL
Offer deceitfully PASSOFF
Ogling one EYER
Oil-can letters SAE
Pass over OMIT
Peddle HAWK
PEI, e.g. PROV
Pen end NIB
Pop's pop GRAMPA
Presidential instrument? JACKSONFIFE
Promote verbally TALKUP
Raised rails ELS
Salinger title character ESME
Sawbucks TENS
Setting a limit on CAPPING
Shameless instrument? BAREFACEDLYRE
Siberian plain STEPPE
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Sit on the throne RULE
Sites for studs EARS
Slight hint TINGE
Something precious PEARL
Storefront device AWNING
Sussex streetcar TRAM
Talkative GABBY
Tell it like it isn't LIE
Terse warning DONT
Timeline division ERA
Town near St.-L CAEN
Trig fig. COS
Twist the arm of COERCE
Unlock, to a poet OPE
Up the __ (in trouble) CREEK
Up to the task ABLE
Upper-left key ESC
Utah ski resort ALTA
Utter nonsense TRIPE
Violinist Mischa ELMAN
Waits for EXPECTS
Watson portrayer __ Bruce NIGEL
Wet months APRILS
Wight and Guernsey ISLES
Will of ''The Waltons'' GEER
With pasta, in product names ARONI
You may be dyeing to use it VAT
Yule instrument? CHRISTMASLUTE
Yummy instrument? EDIBLETUBA
__ Baines Johnson LUCI
__ premium ATA
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