How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Oct 05 2008

'-- grip!' GETA
'-- hesitates is lost' HEWHO
'-- it!' ('Hurry!') HOPTO
'Airport' director George SEATON
'Don't count --!' ONIT
'George (1990s talk show) & --' ALANA
'Golly!' GEE
'How Can -- Sure?' IBE
'It --' ('Who's there?' reply) ISI
'It's a go' YES
'La Mer,' translated THESEA
'Like -- not!' ITOR
'Two Guys and --' (sitcom) AGIRL
-- admin SYS
-- Friday's (eatery chain) TGI
-- Park (Pittsburgh Pirates' stadium) PNC
-- Reader (magazine) UTNE
1959 hit for Dodie Stevens PINKSHOELACES
1963 hit for Bobby Vinton BLUEVELVET
1966 hit for the Beatles YELLOWSUBMARINE
1966 hit for the Cyrkle REDRUBBERBALL
1967 hit for Jefferson Airplane WHITERABBIT
1967 hit for the Lemon Pipers GREENTAMBOURINE
1971 hit for the Rolling Stones BROWNSUGAR
1975 hit for the Doobie Brothers BLACKWATER
1984 hit for Prince and the Revolution PURPLERAIN
3-R's org. NEA
Above OVER
Actress-singer Leslie UGGAMS
Addresses on the Net URLS
Albania's basic monetary unit LEK
Annoyed GALLED
Anti votes NAYS
Attach with paste GLUEON
Auto garage container OILCAN
B-ball player HOOPMAN
Banned pollutants, briefly PCBS
Baseballer Hershiser OREL
Bee follower CEE
Berlin article DAS
Big Band singer Ray EBERLE
Big pizzas LARGES
Bikini half BRA
Binding thing TIE
Born as NEE
Bottom line NET
Broad smile BEAM
Canine warning GRR
Caulk again RESEAL
Chew on like a rodent GNAWAT
Christmas hit from the 1951 film 'The Lemon Drop Kid' SILVERBELLS
Christmas tree FIR
Comic's bit ROUTINE
Common rhyme scheme ABCB
Common sitcom rating TVPG
Cpl. or SFC NCO
Cry of pain OUCH
Deep-sea diver's affliction THEBENDS
Deplores RUES
Dinner crumb ORT
Dramatist Eugene ONEILL
Dreamy sleep phase REM
Duncan who played TV's Cisco Kid RENALDO
Farm carts WAGONS
Female bear, in Barcelona OSA
Five and six ELEVEN
Follow, as a principle ADHERETO
Gator kin CROC
Google founder Brin SERGEY
Goose of Hawaii NENE
Grafton's '-- for Alibi' AIS
Growing canines TEETHING
Hemorrhage BLEED
Horace work ODE
Horsy hue ROAN
Hosp. diagnostic procedure MRISCAN
Hot brews TEAS
Iago's general OTHELLO
Ice grippers TONGS
In handcuffs ARRESTED
J.D. Salinger title girl ESME
Jump ship, with 'out' BAIL
Ladies' man ROMEO
Leg (dancer's accessory) -- WARMERS
Lolita player Lyon SUE
Mag. staff EDS
Main melody THEME
Male rel. BRO
Mean dogs BITERS
Mobile loc. ALA
More lordly NOBLER
Move, in real estate jargon RELO
Ms. Gabor EVA
Net fabric MESH
One rocking a baby to sleep LULLER
People evading ELUDERS
Person in the audience ATTENDEE
Pertaining to punishment PENAL
Pol with a six-yr. term SEN
Polar sight ICECAP
Put to work ENGAGE
Questioning sounds EHS
Ref's cousin UMP
Reggae's relative SKA
Residence HOME
Respiratory problem ASTHMA
Scatter STREW
Scottish 'no' NAE
Sender of high-tech letters EMAILER
She sang with Sonny CHER
Shoelace hole EYELET
Singer Bega LOU
Sizable set ARRAY
Sneezy's pal DOC
Sodium -- (table salt) CHLORIDE
Spanish hero ELCID
Stockings HOSE
Swiss city GENEVA
T-Bird, e.g. FORD
Talking TV palomino MRED
Taxpayer's nine-digit ID SSN
Three trios NONET
Trouble WOE
Truly love ADORE
UFO riders ETS
Unadorned BARE
University in Atlanta EMORY
Unruffled SEDATE
Unsound ILL
Valvoline rival STP
Vernacular SLANG
Wall-climbing plants IVIES
Wd. ending in '-ly,' often ADV
Week part DAY
Wild carnivore's food RAWMEAT
Witty Ephron NORA
Young girl MISS
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