How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate May 28 2017

'-- Maria' AVE
'-- So Shy' (1980 hit) HES
'-- the ramparts ...' OER
'--'s Gold' (Peter Fonda film) ULEE
'Blech!' UGH
'It wasn't meant --' TOBE
'My mama done -- me ...' TOL
'Pro' replies YESES
-- boom SONIC
-- diagram (math image) VENN
Ability to influence a campaign, perhaps POLITICALCLOUT
Above UPON
Acorn maker OAKTREE
Actor Tatum CHANNING
Actress Mumford ELOISE
Aid in self-diagnosis TESTKIT
Antique RELIC
Appalachian range SMOKIES
B minor, e.g KEY
Baseball's 'Georgia Peach' TYCOBB
Blackjack call that's apt for this puzzle's theme? HITME
Blood part PLATELET
Bluish-black sour fruit SLOE
Bottled (up) PENT
Brand of cat food SHEBA
Breathes in quickly GASPS
Brit's john LOO
Brno natives CZECHS
Bug a lot IRK
Buoyant tune LILT
Career completer RETIREE
Certain room decor adhesive WALLPAPERPASTE
Check casher, say PAYEE
Co. leader CEO
Come out EMERGE
Disclose accidentally LETSLIP
Does some needlework CROCHETS
DOJ agcy FBI
Eddie -- (clothing chain) BAUER
Electric co., e.g UTIL
End in -- (go unresolved) ADRAW
Ending for plug or play OLA
Eroded ATE
Fibbing sorts LIARS
Fine-meshed nylon cap HAIRNET
Fish groups SCHOOLS
Fistfight 'souvenir' FATLIP
Flowering INBLOOM
Fracas ADO
Funnel-shaped flowers AZALEAS
Get canines TEETHE
Get via Amazon, e.g ORDER
Gives a heads-up ALERTS
Go in haste HIE
Go to the polls again REVOTE
Guys MEN
Hand-held seizing tool VISEGRIP
Handful of FEW
Hanoi-to-Beijing dir NNE
He cried 'I pity the fool!' MRT
Hedge fund whiz ARB
Highest point ACME
Hindu mystic SWAMI
Hitchcock film of 1940 REBECCA
Hurt AIL
Imitating ALA
In the -- of (during) MIDST
In vogue HIP
Informal shirt TEE
Innate sense of time INTERNALCLOCK
It may be worn under a tennis shoe ATHLETICSOCK
It spits out bills, briefly ATM
Jason's ship of myth ARGO
Kids' guessing game ISPY
Latch again, as a door RELOCK
Lead-in to 52-Down PRE
Lead-in to mo or pitch SLO
Leftover bit ORT
Light wash RINSE
Like icecaps POLAR
Like some safe runners ONBASE
Little guy BOY
Loath (to) AVERSE
Low- -- meal CARB
Luau accessory LEI
Luau bowlful POI
Mai -- TAI
Major vessel AORTA
Makes fit ADAPTS
Man-mouse middle ORA
Managed care gp HMO
Messing up ERRING
Middle Ages weapons MACES
Mobster's gun GAT
Moon, e.g ORB
Most furtive SLIEST
Neck wrap SCARF
Nevada city RENO
Not a single person NOONE
Not aflame UNLIT
Not in time TOOLATE
Oafish sort APE
One hunting SEEKER
Pajama-clad mag founder HEF
Pal of Athos and Porthos ARAMIS
Penniless people PAUPERS
Perfect thing IDEAL
Permanently FORGOOD
Pieces of pizza? ZEES
Plastered STEWED
Pop singer Turner TINA
Put- -- (hoaxes) ONS
Ramones' debut single BLITZKRIEGBOP
Raven sound CAW
Remorse GUILT
Roker and Pacino ALS
Roman Cath., e.g REL
Set of values ETHIC
Singer Edith PIAF
Sister and wife of Osiris ISIS
Sleeve feature with a link FRENCHCUFF
Slimy pest in a flower bed GARDENSLUG
Small river craft BATEAU
Solar system component ASTEROIDBELT
Sort ILK
South, in Spanish SUR
Spot's sound ARF
Supporters of canines GUMS
Tail-fanning birds PEACOCKS
Tears into ATTACKS
Tennis champ Björn BORG
Tolling thing BELL
Transaction in 71-Across BET
Trickster of Norse myth LOKI
Trouser lines INSEAMS
Wants badly, with 'for' LUSTS
Yale of Yale University ELIHU
Yasir of the Middle East ARAFAT
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