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noun - a wound resulting from biting by an animal or a person

noun - a small amount of solid food

noun - a painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
4-letter synonym for occlusion, the relationship between upper & lower teeth with your mouth shut
Possible Dictionary Clues
A sharp or pungent flavour.
A piece cut off by biting.
An act of biting something in order to eat it.
(of a person or animal) use the teeth to cut into something.
(of a tool, tyre, boot, etc.) grip or take hold on a surface.
use the teeth to cut into (something).
a sharp or pungent flavour.
a piece cut off by biting.
an act of biting something in order to eat it.
To pierce the skin of with the teeth, fangs, or mouthparts.
Geographic Matches
Bite, Van, TURKEY
Bite, Addis Abeba, ETHIOPIA
Bite, (Region code: 01), ETHIOPIA
Bite might refer to
Biting is a common behavior which involves the opening and closing of the jaw found in many animals. This behavior is found in reptiles, mammals, fish and amphibians. Arthropods can also bite. Biting is a physical action an attack but it is a normal activity or response in an animal as it eats, carries objects, softens and prepares food for its young, removes ectoparasites from its body surface, removes plant seeds attached to its fur or hair, scratching itself, and grooming other animals and for defense. Animal bites often result in serious infections and mortality. Dog bites are commonplace, with children the most commonly bitten and the face the most common target.Biting is also an age appropriate behavior and reaction for human children 30 months and younger. Conversely, children above this age are expected to have verbal skills to explain their needs and dislikes, as biting is not age appropriate. Biting may be prevented by methods including redirection, changing the environment
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