How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 29 2019

''Half'' prefix for circle semi
''Runneth over'' container cup
''Squashed circle'' shape oval
''Tag! __ it!'' youre
''Wait just __!'' (''Be patient!'') asec
''__ whiz!'' gee
Accepting responsibility facingthemusic
Acquired very inexpensively boughtforasong
Apple's digital assistant siri
As compared to than
Astonish stun
Astronaut Armstrong neil
Baby food's consistency puree
Barnyard cacklers hens
Beer stein mug
Behaves differently changesonestune
Biblical ark builder noah
Big beast with a trunk elephant
Cashews and almonds nuts
Collection of goblets stemware
Concludes ends
Corp. boss ceo
Depend (on) rely
Evergreen trees firs
Explorer called ''the Red'' eric
Expressing appreciation to thanking
Flood barrier levee
Frozen rain sleet
Glass in a monocle lens
Gourmet cook chef
Ground for planting soil
Hair of a bear fur
Hairdo-holding products gels
Has an elegant meal dines
Health club spa
Heroic tale epic
Inedible ''dessert'' made of dirt mudpie
Insignificant mere
Is the right size fits
Lacking color pale
Large coffeemaker urn
Lloyd Webber musical set in Argentina evita
Lock opener key
Lowest gas gauge reading empty
Makes fun of mocks
Most excellent finest
NFL distances yds
Not trendy at all unhip
Not worth arguing about moot
Note sent online email
Parcel (out) dole
Pretentiously designed artsy
Prince William's mom diana
Pungent burger topper onion
Ready to harvest ripe
Remote far
Ridesharing service uber
Salt Lake's State utah
Seashore coast
Sedan or coupe car
Small lake pond
Small snack bite
Smartphone owner user
Solo for a soprano aria
Spike on a sports shoe cleat
Tender-hearted kind
Threesome trio
Tongue-in-cheek wry
Traveled a coiling path spiraled
Try out test
Undemanding, as a job cushy
Varieties of pickles dills
Variety of steak tbone
Very severe harsh
Volcano's outflow lava
Word-of-mouth oral
__ spumante (Italian wine) asti
__/false quiz true
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