How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Dec 30 2018

'BTW' part the
'I wanna try!' lemme
'Inc.' cousin ltd
'No' voter nay
'Peachy!' neato
'Psycho' co-star Janet leigh
'Sheesh!' goodgrief
'Vamoose!' scat
'What You Need' rock band inxs
'Y' athlete eli
'— culpa!' mea
'— not lost' allis
14- to 18-year-old in a British youth association explorerscout
1966 Wilson Pickett hit mustangsally
1980s TV's Remington steele
1998 Winter Olympics city nagano
A lot like similarto
Abbr. for those with only one given name nmi
Actor Paul muni
Actress Ortiz ana
Agenda part item
Alert warn
Annual Arizona football game fiestabowl
Annul undo
Asian nation laos
Author Haley alex
Avian-based skin care product emuoil
Basso Pinza ezio
Become a parent to adopt
Benes on 'Seinfeld' elaine
Berlin article ein
Berlin article das
Bidding site ebay
Biochemical sugar glucose
Bismarck is its cap ndakota
Bodily band tendon
Border illumination on some smartphones edgelighting
Botch it up err
Bull leather oxhide
Cameo, e.g role
Capsizes upends
Comics' Kett etta
Common battery type drycell
Compulsion urge
Conical tent tepee
Conn. hours est
Curved arced
Disney's 'Little Mermaid' ariel
Dog in 'The Thin Man' asta
Ejected lava erupted
Ending for major ette
Erma Bombeck's 'The Grass Is Always Greener Over the — Tank' septic
Farm female ewe
Fence 'door' gate
First extended stay on the International Space Station expeditionone
Frank topper relish
Future louse nit
Garish gaudy
Grads.-to-be srs
Had no being wasnt
Halo sporter angel
Huge heads egos
Imams' God allah
Inferior mags rags
Infuriated irate
Injured-arm supporter sling
Investigates delves
It lingers in the mouth aftertaste
Kin of a tulip lily
Kind of sheet metal tinplate
Large cosmological aggregate galaxycluster
Lauder of fragrances estee
Left the bed arose
Lend — (pay attention) anear
Like an oval or rectangle oblong
Loin steaks tbones
Longtime kids' nature magazine rangerrick
Mater lead-in alma
McDonnell Douglas jet dcten
Mil. unit div
Mini-whirlpools eddies
More direct straighter
More, in music piu
Musician Brian eno
Natal lead-in neo
Nest nuggets eggs
New York City fashion-industry agency whose name is apt for this puzzle fordmodels
Nonkosher tref
Once, once erst
Outfits anew resuits
PalmPilot, e.g., in brief pda
Participants in a guided discussion focusgroup
Party game uno
Pick up on sense
Poi source taro
Pop-rock singer Simpson ashlee
Put in order arranged
Radio knob dial
Really small wee
Realm of Oedipus thebes
Rearmost last
Refuge safearea
Road given a no rte
Rub oil on anoint
See 107-Across noidea
Shoe fillers feet
Show up for attend
Slender nails brads
Someone — problem elses
Sommer of Hollywood elke
Source copy: Abbr orig
Spanish for 'bear' oso
Spiny plants cacti
Streamlet creek
Sweet white wine tokay
Swiss painter Paul klee
The 'I' of 75-Across internal
Thelma's cohort, in film louise
To a smaller degree lessso
Tony winner Minnelli liza
Tooth anchor root
TV title alien alf
U.S. tax org irs
Use an entryway goin
Velvet or Hallow ender een
Vowel, e.g letter
Waste time loaf
Water, to Somme folks eau
What bran provides, to Brits fibre
With 103-Down, didn't know at all had
Word after film or play goer
Wowed awed
Writer Blyton enid
Writer Franz kafka
Yahoo lout
Yahoo brute
You, in Berlin sie
Yukon maker gmc
— annum per
— hop (jitterbug) lindy
— latte soy
— latte caffe
— terrier cairn
— Tower (Paris sight) eiffel
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