How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 20 2011

"Agreed!" DEAL
"Ain't happening" NOHOW
"Bummer" AWGEE
"Deck the Halls" sequence LALALA
"East of Eden" director Kazan ELIA
"Family Matters" nerd URKEL
"Flash of Genius" actor Alan ALDA
"Gracias" reply DENADA
"I Feel Bad About My Neck" author Ephron NORA
"Ladies dancing" carol contingent NINE
"Let __!" MEGO
"Night" author Wiesel ELIE
"Off the Court" author ASHE
"Star Trek: T.N.G." counselor TROI
"That's it!" AHA
"The Neverending Story" author ENDE
"Uh-uh" NAH
"Wheel of Fortune" buy ANE
12-time All-Star Jeter DEREK
9 to 5, e.g RATIO
Abbr. on a shingle ESTAB
Affair twosome? EFS
Attending a Dodgers home game, say INLA
Average MEAN
Bank features SAFES
Bar code? LAW
Bath sponge LOOFAH
Big name in supplemental insurance AFLAC
Big pipes MAINS
Bizarre WEIRD
Boxer who held titles at four different weights DURAN
Bratz product DOLL
Brief interview? QANDA
Central Utah city OREM
Civilian garb MUFTI
Concealing garb VEIL
Contest for a free night at the inn? ROOMANDBOARDGAME
Covering up HIDING
Cybermemos ENOTES
Divisive element WEDGE
Divulge TELL
Downed ATE
Dreads FEARS
Drilling gp ROTC
Duck, say REACT
Dull finish? ARD
Egg cell OVUM
Entrance DOOR
ER staff member EMT
Erase UNDO
Evenings, in ads NITES
Fairy tale baddies OGRES
FDR home loan org NHA
Fine-tune ADJUST
Fixture that refunds money for unused time? FAIRANDSQUAREMETER
Frat party purchase KEG
French story ETAGE
General on a menu TSO
George Harrison learned it in the '60s SITAR
Gets jealous TURNSGREEN
Golfer Gary Player's homeland: Abbr RSA
Google revenue source ADFEE
Got a grip HELDON
Govt. security TBOND
Grannies NANAS
Grow fond of TAKETO
Gut feeling AGITA
Half a fish MAHI
Has to MUST
High-fiber fruit PEAR
Hindi is a subgroup of it INDIC
Homer's neighbor NED
Kitchen drawers? AROMAS
Last Supper question ISITI
Letter-shaped opening TSLOT
Like frat parties NOISY
Like Mr. X ANON
Lipton rival NESTEA
Lofty home AERIE
Longing ITCH
Lummox OAF
Main artery AORTA
Main website page HOME
Mess hall handout? RANKANDFILEMENU
Metros and Prizms, at first GEOS
Monopolize HOG
Morning brew order DECAF
Neapolitan song title opening OSOLE
Norwegian king, 995-1000 OLAFI
Nueve menos ocho UNO
Off! ingredient DEET
Offspring SCION
Ohio natives ERIES
One way to cope ADAPT
Our Gang assent OTAY
Party catchphrase SLOGAN
Perp's cover ALIBI
Perp's cover ALIAS
Photographer's order: Abbr ENL
Pixar fish NEMO
Place to be INSPOT
Potent start? OMNI
Prynne's stigma REDA
Rack up AMASS
Rap name adjective LIL
Receive useful information about GETALINEON
Respite LULL
Ring from Chuck Berry? ROCKANDROLLCALL
Rink maneuver AXEL
See eye to eye JIBE
Short life story? BIO
Show that makes teens cringe? MOMANDPOPCONCERT
Small batteries AAS
Small monkey TITI
Some anchors NEWSMEN
Some bed makers HOTELMAIDS
Spanish cordial ANIS
Special effects technique, briefly CGI
Suffix with Capri OTE
Summer overseas ETE
Tex-Mex snacks NACHOS
Timbuktu's land MALI
Tiny decathlon entrant? TRACKANDFIELDMOUSE
Tokyo, before 1868 EDO
Tourist city SE of New Delhi AGRA
Trait of a gentleman in training? HITANDMISSMANNERS
Vegging out IDLE
Vehicle on a Christmas card, perhaps SLED
Verse often about nature HAIKU
Was gaga over ADORED
What-eats-what orders FOODCHAINS
Willingly LIEF
World leader who said "Every little thing counts in a crisis" NEHRU
Worm, often LURE
Wraps up by ENDSAT
Writer who worked on Friday? DEFOE
[Oh my God!] GASP
__ carte ALA
__ Gay ENOLA
__-en-Provence, France AIX
__-fi SCI
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