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Definitions of react in various dictionaries:

verb - show a response or a reaction to something

verb - act against or in opposition to

verb - undergo a chemical reaction


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Possible Dictionary Clues
act in response to something respond in a particular way.
act against or in opposition to
undergo a chemical reaction react with another substance under certain conditions
show a response or a reaction to something
To act in response to or under the influence of a stimulus or prompting: reacted strongly to the sarcastic tone of the memorandum.
To act in opposition to a former condition or act: composers who reacted against romanticism.
To act reciprocally or in return.
Chemistry To undergo a reaction: Methane reacts with hydroxyl to produce formaldehyde.
Chemistry To cause (a substance or substances) to undergo a reaction.
to act in a particular way as a direct result of something else:
React might refer to
* in computer science
* React (JavaScript library), a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, from Facebook
* ReactOS, an open source operating system compatible with Microsoft Windows* in arts and entertainment
* React (band), a 1990s American boys band made of Tim Cruz and Daniel Matrium
* React (The Fixx album), a 1987 live album by the band The Fixx
* React (Erick Sermon album), a 2002 album by rapper Erick Sermon
* React (Erick Sermon song), a song from the album
* React (Robert Rich and Ian Boddy album), a 2008 album by electronic musicians Robert Rich and Ian Boddy
* React (book), originally Reacciona, a 2011 Spanish-language book
* React Music Limited, a 1990s London based dance record label
* React (media franchise), a metaseries of web videos created by the Fine Brothers which includes Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, YouTubers React, and Adults React, as well as a YouTube channel with other shows featuring regulars from the first three React series
* Rea
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