How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 08 2019

'I did it!' tada
'The Age of Anxiety' poet W.H auden
Achilles heel, figuratively weakspot
Activist author Paton alan
Arterial blockage clot
Attendance check rollcall
B-29 replica, e.g modelplane
Baldwin of 'SNL' alec
Bewhiskered behemoth walrus
Biceps pic, say tat
Bit of salon litter tress
Bug big-time irk
Camper's setup tent
Chicago's locale cookcounty
Cinco de Mayo snack taco
Cirrus cloud shapes wisps
Color chart selection hue
Color similar to sand ecru
Confessional list sins
Defib pro emt
Discounted by less
Elicit a smile from amuse
Endorsers' needs pens
Exec's reminder memo
Execs' extras perks
Fails at dieting gains
Fancy ties ascots
Figure in red ink loss
Flinch, say react
Frees from, with 'of' rids
French wine valley rhone
Garden center bagful soil
Gel-yielding plant aloe
Gender-neutral pronoun one
Get out of Dodge flee
Gibbon and orang apes
Herb in pasta sauce basil
High-ranking officer, informally brasshat
Hot cocoa ingredient milk
Icy orbiters comets
Ill-mannered sort boor
Like MacDonald of song old
Like much testimony oral
Like Rod Serling tales eerie
Like some art class models nude
Loewe's Broadway collaborator lerner
Move like the Blob ooze
National Mall trees elms
Nest egg letters ira
Newborn's acquisition name
NOYB part none
On a need-to-know ___ basis
One on a pedestal idol
Pizza ordering option size
Place for horse-drawn carriages coachhouse
Places for braces teeth
Pre-storm period calm
Protects the quarterback blocks
Protein-rich legumes soybeans
Puts one over on fools
Really go for adore
Reason to reboot, perhaps error
Regal fur ermine
Run off at the mouth blab
Salt lick visitor deer
Say no to decline
Serengeti heavyweight rhino
Short on courage timid
Some can openers tabs
Some Little Leaguers girls
Squid-eating dolphin family member pilotwhale
Taxpayer's dread audit
TNT seller of cartoons acme
TSA agent's scanner wand
Turn-of-the-century conflict boerwar
Utter nonsense tripe
What emojis indicate mood
Wilder's '___ Town' our
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