How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily May 20 2012

"A Farewell to Arms" conflict, briefly WWI
"Apostrophe (')" album maker ZAPPA
"Blue" TV lawmen NYPD
"Cape Fear" actor NOLTE
"CHiPs" actor ESTRADA
"Clever" HEH
"Could regret this, but tell me" ILLBITE
"Get cracking!" NOW
"Perfect! Right there!" AAH
"The Jack Pine" Canadian painter with an echoic name TOMTHOMSON
"The Price Is Right" action BID
"Thong Song" singer SISQO
"Twelfth Night" sir TOBY
'90s sitcom bookstore owner ELLEN
Additions ANDS
Aimless walks around the Gateway Arch? STLOUISRAMBLES
Alumni newsletter word NEE
An official language of Sri Lanka TAMIL
Appointment book opening SLOT
Aquarium beauty OPAH
Archipelago component ISLAND
Australian brew FOSTERS
Australian gems OPALS
Baking entrepreneur Wally AMOS
Berry rich in antioxidants ACAI
Big Band __ ERA
Big yawns BORES
Blue hue AQUA
Burning ARDENT
Cardiovascular implants STENTS
Charcuterie fare MEAT
Chic getaway SPA
Chowderhead SAP
Citrus shaving ZEST
City in NW Iran TABRIZ
Clark's "Mogambo" co-star AVA
Comic strip punches POWS
Commercial jingle segments? PRICEWARBLES
Cookout aid SPIT
Criticize RAP
Decides one will OPTSTO
DH stats RBIS
Discouraging words NOES
Displayed zero talent STANK
Doesn't speak clearly? MUMBLESTHEWORD
Doughnut shape TORUS
Eczema symptom ITCH
Enterprise crewman MRSULU
Fair vis-Г -vis cloudy, say NICER
Fall in the rankings SLIP
Fantasy writers' awards NEBULAS
Father of the Titans URANUS
Father on a base PADRE
Fight organizer? RUMBLERUNNER
Fireplace shelf HOB
Forearm bones RADII
Four-sided figures RHOMBI
GI delinquent AWOL
Gin berries SLOES
Go astray ERR
Green gp EPA
Gulf War reporter Peter ARNETT
Hairy TV cousin ITT
Hand raised in support, say YESVOTE
Heavenly body ORB
Hodgepodge OLIO
Hold water, so to speak COHERE
How some tapes are played INALOOP
Implant, as an idea INFIX
In the thick of AMID
Inn season visits STAYS
Isn't quite perpendicular TILTS
Jai __ ALAI
Knockoff CLONE
L.A. Sparks' org WNBA
Level of achievement PLATEAU
Literary middle name ALLAN
Loft filler HAY
Luxurious fabric SATIN
Many miles off AFAR
Mary Jane, e.g SHOE
Minus LESS
Missing something PARTIAL
Mozart movements RONDOS
MSN alternative AOL
Nice girls? ELLES
Nocturnal insects MOTHS
Novelist Ferber EDNA
Nursing a grudge SORE
Oceanographer's workplace SEALAB
One issuing a citation? QUOTER
One of the Books of Wisdom JOB
One taking chances RISKER
One tending a brush fire? BRAMBLESTOKER
One with a long commute, perhaps EARLYRISER
Ones without appointments WALKINS
Penetrate the mind SOAKIN
Place to hear 51-Acrosses HOTTUB
Preminger of film OTTO
Prepare for a comeback tour REUNITE
Prince of the Tigers FIELDER
Puppeteer Baird CORA
Push-up garment BUSTIER
Puts forward POSITS
Puts on notice ALERTS
Putting on airs SNOOTY
Render harmless, in a way DECLAW
Reservation waster NOSHOW
River originating in Cantabria EBRO
Sale rack abbr IRR
Sales targets QUOTAS
Sarkozy's state ETAT
Scotch choice, familiarly CHIVAS
Sealed SHUT
See to the exit USHEROUT
Senior attachment? ITIS
Shenanigans ANTICS
Shepherd's comment WOOF
Short order? BLT
Shortly ANON
Simple earring STUD
Slyly cutting SNIDE
Sweet wine with a woman's name ANGELICA
Telescope protector? HUBBLECAP
Telescope user's aid STARMAP
Throw off EMIT
Timberland FOREST
Title for Brahms HERR
Treaty-signing memento PEN
Tugboats, at times PULLERS
VW followers XYZ
Watering hole BAR
Where Jefferson can be seen NICKEL
Where peasants work? NOBLEMANSLAND
Winged croakers RAVENS
With deception UNTRULY
Word with first, second or third BASEMAN
Work to edit COPY
__ avis RARA
__-frutti TUTTI
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