How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jan 15 2006

"8 Mile" rap star EMINEM
"As I suspected!" AHA
"Fine with me" IMCOOL
"I Still See __": "Paint Your Wagon" song ELISA
"Illmatic" rapper NAS
"No way" NAH
"Seinfeld" name COSMO
"Smokey and the Bandit" car TRANSAM
"The Sound of Music" extra NUN
"This is only __" ATEST
"Toodles!" BYE
1910s Mexican revolutionary ZAPATA
1954 Jean Simmons title role DESIREE
89-Across's home for most of his life PHILADELPHIA
Algeria neighbor MALI
Algiers area KASBAH
Artist Chagall MARC
Bankbook amt. INT
Barbarian HUN
Berlin's "Blue __" SKIES
Biblical song PSALM
Big foot? EEE
Big yard, maybe ACRE
Bird of prey RAPTOR
Born 1/17/1706, publisher of the maxim BENJAMINFRANKLIN
British blackbird MERL
British textile center LEEDS
Browning gadget TOASTER
Bullwinkle, for one MOOSE
Capone cohort NITTI
Causes to move BESTIRS
Chance for redemption REMATCH
Chem. neurotransmitter ATP
Chosen ones INS
Chowder morsels CLAMS
Christian of movies SLATER
Clear as __ ABELL
CNN intelligence reporter David ENSOR
College in New Rochelle, NY IONA
Condos, e.g. HOMES
Cooling pie place SILL
Country singer Axton HOYT
Curly-haired pet POODLE
Data-sharing syst. LAN
Do a makeup job? ATONE
Don Ho, by birth OAHUAN
El Cid foe MOOR
Expert ending? ISE
Eye the bull's-eye AIM
Fact-checked VETTED
Fine cotton PIMA
Firm symbols LOGOS
From bottom __ TOTOP
Ghanaian dialect ASHANTI
Goes it alone SOLOS
Golf goal PAR
H.S. prom queens, usually SRS
Hamlet's friend HORATIO
Hearth asset WARMTH
Huber of tennis ANKE
ICU test EEG
In __ and out ... ONEEAR
Incomplete 89-Across work first published in 1791 AUTOBIOGRAPHY
Islamic ruler EMIR
It may be political SCIENCE
It was used by 89-Across to equate 73-Across with its clue KITE
Jock's network ESPN
John Arbuckle's coffee YUBAN
Join formally ENROLL
Joke ending? FEST
Juilliard deg. MFA
Kind of stop BUS
Laila of pugilism ALI
Lay to rest INTER
Letter closer ASEVER
Like some boring speeches, facetiously ENDLESS
Made slow progress INCHED
Madison Ave. address NYNY
March, 2006 ceremony, with "the" OSCARS
Maxim, part 2 SECRETIF
Melville mariner AHAB
Mine artery TRAMROAD
Ming of the NBA YAO
Misdirect the police, say ABET
Molly of song MALONE
Mom's reason, often ISAYSO
Monster's moniker NESSIE
Most sound HALEST
Mouths, in zoology ORA
Muckraker Tarbell IDA
Mythical weaver ARACHNE
National Humor Mo. APR
Neglected SHABBY
Neighborhood gathering place LOCALPUB
Newt, once EFT
North African capital RABAT
Not as well WORSE
Old manuscript markings OBELI
Ostrich cousin RHEA
Patsy SAP
Portable music players IPODS
Prayer start OGOD
Prefix with -genarian OCTO
Presidential middle name DELANO
Prince Valiant's son ARN
Private eye TEC
Prove oneself the equal of RISETO
Queens stadium ASHE
Scotto solo ARIA
Sea near the West Indies SARGASSO
See 63-Down ALMANACK
Set of principles CODE
Sew on, say ATTACH
Shoelace end AGLET
Singer at Woodstock JOANBAEZ
Slot feeder COIN
Sound associated with a carriage CLOP
Splinter groups SECTS
Star in Andromeda SIRRAH
Start of a maxim published in 1735 THREEMAYKEEPA
Strongly resemble PASSFOR
Sun or moon ORB
Supportin' FER
Swedish money KRONA
Tart plum SLOE
Thanksgiving follower: Abbr. FRI
Tilt TIP
Twosome PAIR
Unexplored NEW
Unwrap aggressively RIPOPEN
Upper limit CAP
Vital conduit AORTA
What an athlete may turn PRO
Wilderness target PREY
Winding shape ESS
With 108-Across, periodical in which the maxim appeared POORRICHARDS
Wrath IRE
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