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noun - a long pointed rod used as a tool or weapon

noun - an implement with a shaft and barbed point used for catching fish

noun - a surgical knife with a pointed double-edged blade


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
To open or pierce with the surgical instrument of the same name
In the U.S. Marines, if you're one rank below corporal, you're this type of corporal
Weapon Don Quixote used to tilt at the windmill
A bracket on the chest positioned this 12-foot spear that could be driven through another knight's armor
Judge Ito, or a weapon
The 1098 discovery of the spear-like weapon that reputedly pierced Jesus' side, the Holy this, inspired the Crusaders
Possible Dictionary Clues
a metal pipe supplying a jet of oxygen to a furnace or to make a very hot flame for cutting.
a long weapon with a wooden shaft and a pointed steel head, formerly used by a horseman in charging.
a long, thin pole with a sharp point that soldiers used in the past as a weapon when riding horses
to cut the skin with a sharp tool in order to release infected matter that has collected under it:
A thrusting weapon with a long wooden shaft and a sharp metal head.
A similar implement for spearing fish.
A cavalry lancer.
Medicine See lancet.
To pierce with a lance.
Medicine To make a surgical incision in cut into: lance a boil.
Geographic Matches
Lance, Inhambane, MOZAMBIQUE
Lance, (Region code: 35), POLAND
Lance description
The lance is a pole weapon designed to be used by a mounted warrior or cavalry soldier (lancer). During the periods of classical and medieval warfare, it evolved into being the leading weapon in cavalry charges, and was unsuited for throwing or for repeated thrusting, unlike similar weapons of the javelin/pike family typically used by infantry. Lances were often equipped with a vamplate a small circular plate to prevent the hand sliding up the shaft upon impact. Though best known as a military and sporting weapon carried by European knights, the use of lances was widespread throughout Asia, the Middle East and North Africa wherever suitable mounts were available. As a secondary weapon, lancers of the medieval period also bore swords, axes or maces for hand-to-hand combat, since the lance was often a one-use-per-engagement weapon; assuming the lance survived the initial impact intact, it was (depending on the lance) usually too long, heavy and slow to be effective against opponents in
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