How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 13 2019

'By the power vested ___...' inme
'Cheers' character carla
'Don't be such a wimp!' manup
'___ your loss!' its
1950s president, familiarly ike
2016 Olympics host, for short rio
2017 World Series champions astros
Additional more
Animal rights org peta
Average mean
Bassoon part reed
Beethoven's '___ Joy' odeto
Blitz participant passrusher
Borden's bovine elsie
Builders of paper nests wasps
Car called from curbside taxi
City of south-central Oklahoma ada
Co. abbreviation inc
Decimal system base ten
Deep chasm abyss
Dickens character who says 'I wear the chain I forged in life' marleysghost
Drinking toast skoal
Dubai ruler emir
Exemplary ideal
Expense with both fixed and variable elements mixedcost
Fail to mention omit
Farthest from the center, and a hint to 17-, 24-, 40- and 51-Across outermost
Feature of many a rom-com meetcute
Flat-topped hills mesas
Greek letters that look like tridents psis
Hauling rig semi
Hear again, as a case retry
Human relative ape
Hung on the clothesline aired
Ibex, for example wildgoat
In itself perse
India's first prime minister nehru
Ireland's de Valera eamon
Jousting need lance
Launcher of the Mars InSight lander nasa
Lightweight cotton fabric madras
Like lemons and limes sour
Like lips after a Novocain shot numb
Little bite taste
Low joint ankle
Make inquiries ask
Narc's org dea
New Zealand natives maoris
Not particularly exciting tame
Overly overweight obese
Peak called Chomolungma in Tibetan mounteverest
Penetrating keen
Pilot's guess, for short eta
Prepares for a trip packs
Prickly shrub briar
Ray Bradbury's '___ for Rocket' ris
Scrooge, for one miser
Seasonal workers temps
Shipper's posting rates
Sixth sense, initially esp
Speedway sound vroom
Spots sees
Stand against oppose
Start of a brain health saying useit
Steer clear of elude
Targets of crunches abs
Tennis court divider net
Terminate stop
That woman she
Thrashing spot at a concert moshpit
Thurman of 'Pulp Fiction' uma
Time for a prom, perhaps senioryear
Tribal emblem totem
Twisty shape ess
Western gambling city reno
Wheel's center hub
Wide shoe size eee
Winter weather sleet
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