How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 04 2019

'Aida' premiere city cairo
'Fantasia' frame cel
'It's Impossible' crooner Perry como
'Kon-Tiki' raft material balsa
'Laura' director Preminger otto
'No doubt!' yes
'No ___, no gain' pain
1982 McCartney/Wonder hit ebonyandivory
Administer PEDs to dope
Alfalfa or buckwheat crop
Alpinist's implement iceax
Angiogram image aorta
Ballpark instrument organ
Betrayer of Othello iago
Bit of a tiff spat
Bit of monochrome art charcoaldrawing
Boardwalk adjunct pier
Bug-eyed agog
Calyx part sepal
Catherine ___ (Henry VIII's sixth) parr
Cheesy munchie nacho
Clarinet, slangily licoricestick
Cocktail party spread pate
Comic strip section panel
Crime lab specimen dna
Crunchy Tex-Mex snacks tacos
Crusoe's home isle
Dugout, e.g canoe
Dungeon restraints irons
Eats chips, say noshes
Factor in club selection lie
Female octopus hen
Fingerprint pattern loop
Flubbed golf shot shank
Gathering with a medium seance
Got 100 on, say aced
Gridiron fake feint
Groucho's forte wit
Had down pat knew
Having the knack able
Hitchcock genre thriller
Hothead's emotion ire
Inventor's 'lightbulb' idea
It's served in 'spots' tea
Joe of old cigarette ads camel
Kill, like a comedian slay
KOA vehicles rvs
Like a pin, in a saying neat
Like lake-effect weather snowy
Make rapturous elate
Mardi Gras city, informally nola
May race, informally indy
Mork's home planet ork
Nonhuman family member pet
Pancho who invaded New Mexico villa
Part of HMS, at times her
Pasta or potato, for short carb
Place for a tiny stirrup ear
Post-workout symptom ache
Prefix meaning 'super' uber
Pretentiously cultured artsy
Progressive's spokesperson flo
Purgative-yielding plant aloe
Quechua speaker inca
Result of a lane closing merge
Sawbuck or Benjamin bill
Science involving prisms optics
Seven-time NL award for Bonds mvp
Shade of turning leaves ocher
Shah's land, once iran
Skilled at deception sly
Tilter's weapon lance
Two caplets, perhaps dose
Virgo-Libra border, e.g cusp
Waiter's booklet orderpad
Way past ripe rotten
When sold separately each
___ predator (orca, e.g.) apex
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