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Scrabble (US/Canada)
(8 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD4)
(8 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD5)
(8 pts)
(8 pts)
(4 pts)
Scrabble (UK)
(8 pts)
Lexulous (US)
(9 pts)

Definitions of WIND in various dictionaries:

    • noun - air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure
    • noun - a tendency or force that influences events
    • noun - breath
    • noun - empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk
    • noun - an indication of potential opportunity
    • noun - a musical instrument in which the sound is produced by an enclosed column of air that is moved by the breath
    • noun - a reflex that expels intestinal gas through the anus
    • noun - the act of winding or twisting
    • verb - to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course
    • verb - extend in curves and turns
    • verb - arrange or or coil around
    • verb - catch the scent of
    • verb - coil the spring of (some mechanical device) by turning a stem
    • verb - form into a wreath
    • verb - raise or haul up with or as if with mechanical help
    • Moving air, especially a natural and perceptible movement of air parallel to or along the ground.
    • A movement of air generated artificially, as by bellows or a fan.
    • The direction from which a movement of air comes: The wind is north-northwest.
    • A movement of air coming from one of the four cardinal points of the compass: the four winds.
    • Moving air carrying sound, an odor, or a scent.
    • Breath, especially normal or adequate breathing; respiration: had the wind knocked out of them.
    • Gas produced in the stomach or intestines during digestion; flatulence.
    • Often winds.
    • The brass and woodwinds sections of a band or an orchestra.
    • Wind instruments or their players considered as a group.
    • Something that disrupts or destroys: the winds of war.
    • A tendency; a trend: the winds of change.
    • Information, especially of something concealed; intimation: Trouble will ensue if wind of this scandal gets out.
    • Speech or writing empty of meaning; verbiage.
    • Futile or idle labor or thought.
    • To expose to free movement of air; ventilate or dry.
    • To detect the smell of; catch a scent of.
    • To pursue by following a scent.
    • To cause to be out of or short of breath.
    • In the same direction as the wind.
    • Close to the wind.
    • In a direction away from the wind.
    • To the leeward.
    • In a direction opposite or nearly opposite the wind.
    • To wrap (something) around a center or another object once or repeatedly: wind string around a spool.
    • To wrap or encircle (an object) in a series of coils; entwine: wound her injured leg with a bandage; wound the waist of the gown with lace and ribbons.
    • To go along (a curving or twisting course): wind a path through the mountains.
    • To proceed on (one’s way) with a curving or twisting course.
    • To introduce in a disguised or devious manner; insinuate: He wound a plea for money into his letter.
    • To turn (a crank, for example) in a series of circular motions.
    • To coil the spring of (a mechanism) by turning a stem or cord, for example: wind a watch.
    • To coil (thread, for example), as onto a spool or into a ball.
    • To remove or unwind (thread, for example), as from a spool: wound the line off the reel.
    • To lift or haul by means of a windlass or winch: Wind the pail to the top of the well.
    • To move in or have a curving or twisting course: a river winding through a valley.
    • To move in or have a spiral or circular course: a column of smoke winding into the sky.
    • To be coiled or spiraled: The vine wound about the trellis.
    • To be twisted or whorled into curved forms.
    • To proceed misleadingly or insidiously in discourse or conduct.
    • To become wound: a clock that winds with difficulty.
    • The act of winding.
    • A single turn, twist, or curve.
    • To diminish gradually in energy, intensity, or scope: The party wound down as guests began to leave.
    • To relax; unwind.
    • To come or bring to a finish; end: when the meeting wound up; wind up a project.
    • To put in order; settle: wound up her affairs before leaving the country.
    • To arrive in a place or situation after or because of a course of action: took a long walk and wound up at the edge of town; overspent and wound up in debt.
    • To swing back the arm and raise the foot in preparation for pitching the ball.
    • To blow (a wind instrument).
    • To sound by blowing.
    • adj - to pass around an object or fixed center [v WOUND or WINDED, WINDING, WINDS] : WINDABLE


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