How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 29 2016

"Be it___so humble ..." EVER
1990 World Series champs REDS
Affirm positively AVER
Alternative to .net ORG
Analyst's chemical REAGENT
Anxious ANTSY
Becoming allies JOININGFORCES
Bit of buckshot PELLET
Blockhead TWNT
Bombard, as with water balloons PELT
Boxers and retrievers DOGS
Burning result ASH
Cathedral city of England ELY
Charon and others FERRYMEN
Chilean range ANDES
Chimney parts FLUES
Christmas mo DEC
Church part ALTAR
Comfort verbally REASSURE
Communicate silently SIGN
Concealed HID
Concludes ENDS
Correct, as text EMEND
Creative painter, e.g ARTIST
Crumbs leftover from dinner ORTS
Cut at an angle BEVEL
Dead to the world INERT
Debris at the base of a mountain SCREE
Definitely not later NOW
Delivery vehicle VAN
Dirt for a garden SOIL
Door part JAMB
Dubai dignitary EMIR
Easter basket item EGG
Extreme anger RAGE
Formally surrender CEDE
Getting hyped for the weekend COUNTINGTHEDAYS
Gofers and such AIDES
Guinea pigs and hamsters, often PETS
In a Mideast headdress TURBANED
Increasing a store's merchandise ADDINGINVENTORY
It has points in the desert CACTUS
Kleenex, e.g TISSUE
Lake seen from Toledo ERIE
Like bone-dry land ARID
Like half-melted snow SLUSHY
Like stadium rows TIERED
Mafia head DON
Not wholesale RETAIL
On edge TENSE
One of the major networks CBS
One putting people in their places USHER
Pago Pago's place SAMOA
Part of any profit calculation COST
Parts of a healthy diet FATS
Place for a pig STY
Player of a double reed instrument OBOIST
Prime-time hour NINE
Relaxing health facility SPA
Santa ___, California ANA
Scarcity DEARTH
Seven, on a grandfather clock VIN
Shakespeare's river AVON
Shoe parts HEELS
Shoestring LACE
Smitten INLOVE
Some woodland deities SATYRS
Something snakes do SHED
Suffix cousin of "trix" ESS
That thing's ITS
Tidal bore EAGRE
Widespread craze MANIA
With the ability ABLE
With ___ in sight NOEND
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