How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 16 2007

''K-i-s-s-i-n-g'' place TREE
''She loves me'' unit PETAL
''The other white meat'' PORK
''The Partridge Family'' co-star DEY
''___ Ha'i'' BALI
About a third of the world's land mass ASIA
Aft antithesis FORE
Alexandra's husband, e.g. TSAR
Amati of violin-making fame ANDREA
Artist's theme MOTIF
Back payments ARREARS
Bejewel, e.g. ADORN
Bosom buddy PAL
Bread in the oven LOAF
Bronze coin of Spain, formerly PESETA
Bustle TODO
Carry through legislatively ENACT
Colliery opening ADIT
Color property HUE
Contented tabby sound PURR
Coolly aware HEP
Creator of 33-Across LUCAS
Cub reporter's dream BYLINE
Dessert trolley CART
Disastrous defeat ROUT
Dublin's land EIRE
Duelers' distances PACES
Economize on the wedding ELOPE
Empty, as a set NULL
End to be attained GOAL
Extremely alluring SEXY
Falco of ''The Sopranos'' EDIE
Film directed by Ingmar Bergman WINTERLIGHT
Followers of epsilons ZETAS
Former British prime minister ATLEE
Garden party? ADAM
Glass component SILEX
Grace period? AMEN
Group of judges PANEL
Guanaco kin ALPACA
It can make one wear heavier clothing COLDFRONT
It may be half-baked IDEA
Jumped bail FLED
Legendary boxing champ ALI
Like some undercover cops WIRED
Loses a sunburn PEELS
Mailbag attachment STRAP
Mans the helm STEERS
Meat skewer SPIT
Mutual of ___ OMAHA
Nearly unique RARE
New Zealand natives MAORIS
Option for the inn crowd? RAMADA
Political escapee EMIGRE
Propellent for Casey Jones STEAM
Provide commentary NARRATE
Put in ___ word for AGOOD
Realtor's favorite sign SOLD
Return to the mind RECUR
Review, as damage ASSESS
Richard Burton film or Ferber novel ICEPALACE
Root used as a substitute for soap AMOLE
Salzburg setting ALPS
Sheikdom, Abu ___ DHABI
Sweet variety of orange JAFFA
Sword with no cutting edge EPEE
Thomas Lincoln, familiarly TAD
TLC purveyors MOMS
Vise parts JAWS
White as a ghost ASHY
Word in many university names STATE
Word with ''knock'' or ''weak'' KNEED
Yellow-bellied one COWARD
You may find a judge in here ROBE
Young Darth Vader's nickname ANI
___ Romeo (imported auto) ALFA
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