How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 14 2019

"Breaking Bad" network amc
"Coolio!" neat
"Family Guy" infant stewie
"I ___ you one!" owe
"I'm not a chicken!" dareme
"The Sopranos" star Falco edie
"___ heard enough!" ive
"___ It Be" (Beatles classic) let
*Archie Bunker's sitcom allinthefamily
*British drama with nurses and nuns callthemidwife
*Do a car maintenance task checktheoil
*Increase standards raisethebar
Airline based in Rome alitalia
Anatomical egg ovum
Bachelorette's final words ido
Bama fan's cheer rolltide
Barber's dust talc
Be wishy-washy dither
Blood test expense labfee
Boxing legend ali
Bring on hire
Build erect
Chai or chamomile holder teacaddy
Chocolate maker's tree cacao
Common bath toy boat
Ctrl-___-Del alt
D-backs, on a scoreboard ari
Days Inn alternative ramada
Detox locale rehab
Disapproving audience sound hiss
Fashionable Banks tyra
Flat-topped hill mesa
Flora and fauna biota
Fund, as a college endow
Game suggested by the starred answers' starts poker
Granola morsel oat
Guitarist's pedal wahwah
Horseshoe, e.g crab
Inc., in London ltd
It and a king make 21 ace
James of "Freaks and Geeks" franco
Letters before an alias aka
Make an oopsie err
Make illegal ban
Monopoly holding deed
Neighborhood north of Central Park harlem
Non-neutral particle ion
One who's been around the block a few times nofool
Open-roofed lobbies atria
Particle of light photon
Plenty (of) alot
Poison plant sumac
Print maker? paw
Ran in the washer bled
Ranger's crosstown hockey rival islander
Real estate developer's unit acre
Regarding asto
Ringlike island atoll
Sign from above omen
Sneaky grin smirk
So far yet
Spiral-sliced meat ham
St. Nick's refrain hohoho
Stately tree elm
Texts, for short ims
TGIF part: Abbr fri
They can never become kings pawns
They're often greased with butter pans
Type of yoga hatha
Unspoken tacit
Untruth lie
Unusual odd
Ushers' lines of work? aisles
Very capable adept
Work values ethic
Working hard atit
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