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Universal May 05 2002

"Don't ___ me, I voted for ..." BLAME
"It ___ Be You" HADTO
"Little Caesar" role for Edward G. Robinson RICO
"The Jungle" author Sinclair UPTON
"To tell the truth ..." HONESTLY
"___ Poetica" (Horace) ARS
''Amazing'' magician and debunker RANDI
''At ---, private!'' EASE
''Cheers'' character DIANE
''Dumb & Dumber'' actress GARR
''Peace --- hand'' ISAT
''The Giant'' of wrestling ANDRE
''Time in a Bottle'' singer CROCE
--- Paulo (Brazilian city) SAO
1944 Otto Preminger film LAURA
A type of gin SLOE
Abbr. on a ticket MPH
Absolutely certain POSITIVE
Academy Award-winning 1995 film BABE
Achromous PALE
Affects strongly GETSTO
Affluence EASE
An American staple crop CORN
Appear to one's own mind SEEM
Aromatic herb CUMIN
Bakery product ROLL
Baseball great Mel --- OTT
Baseball scoreboard trio RHE
Being the only one SOLE
Beleaguer TEASE
Biblical Hebrew prophet HOSEA
Big brother? ABBOT
Biological divisions SPECIES
Bit of parsley SPRIG
Bod-wetter? SWEAT
Boozehounds SOTS
Bring down the house RAZE
Buffet patron EATER
Bundled, as straw BALED
Business association FIRM
Cacophony DIN
Captain Hook's sidekick SMEE
Cause of shrinkage THEFT
Characteristic of a prophet VATIC
Chinese dynasty (1368-1644) MING
Concede ALLOW
Congeals CLOTS
Contemporary of Ford OLDS
Descendent or heir SCION
Diamond, Young or Simon NEIL
Did lunch ATE
Didn't hesitate at a chance LEAPED
Diminutive TEENSY
Disappearing phone feature DIAL
Disney dog SCAMP
Dumbfounded AWED
Electric partner GAS
Elementary atomic particle MESON
Emulate Ebert RATE
Evasive language DOUBLETALK
Exam for a would-be DA LSAT
External boundary AMBIT
Famous twins' birthplace SIAM
Farm alarms ROOSTERS
Fireplace framework GRATE
Fireplace utensils TONGS
First name in gymnasts OLGA
Fish with an uphill battle COHO
Fixed charge RATE
Follow a command OBEY
Forearm bones ULNAE
Former monetary units of Ecuador SUCRES
Frenzied MANIC
Furor IRE
Game with 20 fewer cards than a full deck SKAT
Geographical regions AREAS
Gets grayer AGES
Gift-giving time YULE
Gillette product ATRA
Go away from the fold STRAY
Gobbledygook FLAPDOODLE
Governmental appointee, e.g. AIDE
Great rating AONE
Grenada, e.g. ISLE
Grits stuff HOMINY
He wrote of ''sour grapes'' AESOP
Helps out AIDS
Hire for, as a position FILL
Hog side FLITCH
Homecoming returnees ALUMNI
Hopeless case GONER
Investment broker's offering IRA
IOU verb OWE
Isolate STRAND
It's on the agenda ITEM
J.F.K.'s predecessor DDE
Jig and band, for two SAWS
Kin of ''Wow!'' OOH
Kind of little package NEAT
King of Kings GOD
Lack of worldliness NAIVETE
Lady with a dream in a Louis Armstrong tune MABEL
Language quirk IDIOM
Large trunk artery AORTA
Liana VINE
Like father, like --- SON
Literary ''before'' ERE
Look for evidence, in a way SIFT
Luncheon conclusion? ETTE
Magnificent number, in film SEVEN
Malaises ILLS
Marsh plant REED
Mean partner LEAN
Medicated candy LOZENGE
Melville's foretopman BUDD
Mexicali Mr. SENOR
Military lodgings BILLETS
Minute quantities TRACES
Misfortunes ILLS
Monopoly payment RENT
More darling CUTER
Moss used as fuel PEAT
Much more than nippy GELID
Muscle car initials GTO
Musical good night TAPS
Night of poetry EEN
Nonconformist ANTI
Not taken in by ONTO
Obedience-school word STAY
Obligations DEBTS
Off the beaten track AWRY
Ogling one EYER
Okra units PODS
Oliver Twist, for one GAMIN
On the ___ (hiding out) LAM
One way to get to the top? CLAW
One way to stand by IDLY
One who works with a certain alloy PEWTERER
Oscar winner Berry HALLE
Pacific kingdom TONGA
Paddler's target, perhaps REAR
Partner of Amos ANDY
Parts of a stairway RISERS
Persia, now IRAN
Pitchblende, e.g. ORE
Place in a race LAST
Pond life ALGA
Post of etiquette fame EMILY
Postgraduate projects THESES
Pretentious to a fault ARTY
Purviance or Ferber EDNA
Quechuan of Peru INCA
Racing's Luyendyk ARIE
Retinal cells RODS
Reverential SOLEMN
Rock rhythmically SWAY
Royal pain PEST
Ruinous agent BANE
Salad lettuce COS
Scale starter DORE
Sea lane hazard FLOE
Sean Connery, by birth SCOT
Selling tools CATALOGS
Senselessly foolish LOONY
Shopping place MART
Singer Sheena EASTON
Skilled performer ARTIST
Smoker's amassment TAR
Some food fishes SHADS
Some penal institutions BRIGS
Sore spot ACHE
Sound rebound ECHO
Source of some lows BARN
Southern lady's salutation, stereotypically MAAM
Spanish stewpot OLLA
Start for Jose or Diego SAN
Statement of concern WHATISTHEMATTER
Statement of expectation WHATSINITFORME
Statement of frustration WHATMORECANIDO
Statement of frustration WHATELSECANISAY
Stow the sails FURL
Suffix with ball OON
Supplement ADDTO
Swelled head EGO
The most powerful pair? ACES
Ticklish doll ELMO
Toddlers' garb BIBS
Tories' opponents WHIGS
Trader's word SELL
Treaty PACT
Undisturbed? SANE
Unified ASONE
Valued highly ESTEEMED
Verbally assault, perhaps ASSAIL
Vigorousness ELAN
Warm-weather living quarters VERANDAS
Watch feature, perhaps DATE
Way, way over there AFAR
Wedding-page word NEE
Went spelunking CAVED
What ibn means SONOF
White House Scottie FALA
Wild party BASH
Winning, for now AHEAD
Winter wear item MITTEN
With perfection TOATEE
Woman fortuneteller SIBYL
Word of exclusivity ONLY
Word with guard or hand RAIL
Word with sugar or candy CANE
Workbench attachment VISE
Wreckers do this TOW
X ending MAS
Yemeni neighbor OMANI
Yuppie cheese BRIE
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