How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 02 2010

"50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" bus-hopper GUS
"A Doll's House" protagonist NORA
"Fire!" preceder AIM
"Just a minute there!" WHOA
"My Name is Asher ___" LEV
"Winning ___ everything!" ISNT
Ache reliever MASSEUR
Acts shrewish NAGS
Agile deer ROES
Airplane walkway AISLE
Animal stomach CRAW
Animal trap SNARE
Aviation prefix AERO
Bargain-hunter's goal VALUE
Baseball manager Piniella LOU
Beginning for "while" ERST
Big-mouthed pitcher EWER
Bit for the dog bowl ORT
Bit of offshore land ISLET
Blackjack option STAND
Breakfasted, e.g. ATE
Breathing problem ASTHMA
Broadway's "Sweeney ___" TODD
Calcutta clothing SARI
Candy store buy GUM
Certain red dye EOSIN
Chilled dessert MOUSSE
Connections, of a sort INS
Cousin's aunt, perhaps MOM
Creeper keeper TRELLIS
Davenport state IOWA
Deceptions SHAMS
Demonstrate clearly EVINCE
Dimes to a dollar, e.g. TENTHS
Direction from L.A. to KC ENE
Discoverer's cry EUREKA
Do more than apologize ATONE
Emulates ivy CLINGS
Expire, as a subscription RUNOUT
Eye with desire LEER
Fancy balls GALAS
Garden worker, at times HOER
Get ___ start (be tardy) ALATE
Good-fer-nothin' LOUSY
Great Barrier Reef sight ATOLL
Great quantity SCAD
Having to do with the kidneys RENAL
Holiday minus one EVE
In the preceding month ULTIMO
Increase, as production STEPUP
Legally sound VALID
Like a nerd's shirt pocket, stereotypically INKY
Luxuriant, as vegetation LUSH
Madagascar primate INDRI
Nicaraguan president Daniel ORTEGA
Number of deadly sins SEVEN
On the ___ (unfriendly) OUTS
Ornamental, poisonous shrub OLEANDER
Personal trainer's slogan NOPAINNOGAIN
Plum Nascar position POLE
Polish leader Walesa LECH
Reptilian "monster" GILA
Risk-taker's credo NOGUTSNOGLORY
Rough write-ups DRAFTS
Rule-breaker's mantra NOHARMNOFOUL
She played a Partridge DEY
Shroud of mystique AURA
Speaks with pomposity ORATES
Totally enjoying INTO
War god on Olympus ARES
What r can mean, in geometry RADIUS
Zebra's cousin ASS
___ legs (nautical steadiness) SEA
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