How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 26 2005

"Do you get it?" SEE
"M*A*S*H" character with great hearing RADAR
"Swan Lake" costume TUTU
"The Matrix" lead role NEO
"The Old Man and the ___" SEA
"We Know Drama" network TNT
"___ now or never!" ITS
"___ old for this!" IMTOO
''Essays of ___'' ELIA
''No women allowed!'' STAG
''Take ___ Train'' THEA
252 gallons TUN
Abbr. after a list of names ETAL
Abrasive corundum EMERY
Action or drama, e.g. GENRE
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Afghan title EMIR
All-points bulletin, e.g. ALERT
Alphabet run OPQRS
Alpine housing CHALETS
Ambience AURA
Amend a draft EDIT
At full speed AMAIN
Bakery staple RYE
Band booking GIG
Bangalore wrap SARI
Basketball tactic FASTBREAK
Best-rated AONE
Big name in grills WEBER
Boar's counterpart SOW
Catch, cowboy-style LASSO
Cause of skidding ICE
CD- ___ ROM
Certain college degrees BAS
Cheer opener SIS
Cheerleaders' skirts MINIS
Coliseum contest AGON
Construction units CRANES
Consummate IDEAL
Cub Scout division DEN
Cut off, as branches LOP
Debilitate ENFEEBLE
Disreputable newspaper RAG
Do as one's told OBEY
Dome openings, in architecture OCULI
Earthy pigment OCHRE
Elevation between valleys RIDGE
Errol Flynn persona SWASHBUCKLER
Executor's responsibility ESTATE
Famous last words THEEND
Fireplace piece ANDIRON
First secretary of homeland security RIDGE
Fleece-seeking vessel ARGO
Form query SEX
Formal pronouncements DICTA
Four-poster, e.g. BED
Full-bodied quaff ALE
Genesis victim ABEL
Get hold of OBTAIN
Get used to (Var.) ENURE
Glass guru Lalique RENE
Green standard PAR
Hamlet's castle ELSINORE
Hardly beautiful HOMELY
Have top billing STAR
Highway hazard SPEEDTRAP
Hoedown partner GAL
In a snide manner BASELY
In the black, metaphorically AFLOAT
In the thick of AMID
Ingested ATE
Isn't rash PLANS
It follows four but not five TEEN
It may be precious METAL
Jersey's mouthful CUD
Joule piece ERG
Khaki cotton CHINO
Kicker's target? SHIN
Kid in a kid's game HIDER
Kind of artist QUICKCHANGE
Kind of cherry BING
Knightly GALLANT
Lightly burn CHAR
Mai ___ (cocktail) TAI
Masher's look LEER
McNally's map partner RAND
Memorable Channel crosser EDERLE
Menu phrase ALA
Music genre BLUES
Not as tidy MESSIER
Off the wagon TIPSY
One likely to howl at a full moon WEREWOLF
One of ''My Three Sons'' ERNIE
One way to order food ALACARTE
Paradisiacal places EDENS
Part of a highway EXPRESSLANE
Perrins partner LEA
Phoebe of "Gremlins" CATES
Photo ___ (campaign activities) OPS
Picket line crosser SCAB
Pig abode STY
Pilfered goods LOOT
Prefix with "pend" SUS
Prince Charles, to William PATER
Prot. denomination BAP
Put in order ALIGN
Put on the line RISK
Racetrack prop GATE
Relating to food GASTRONOMIC
Remain extant ARE
Response of feigned innocence MOI
Rocky outcrop TOR
Satellite dish ancestor AERIAL
Second word of the golden rule UNTO
Secret stores STASHES
Separate the twisted strands UNTWINE
Serf's kin PEON
Slight contamination TAINT
Slight trace TINGE
Small newt EFT
So much, in music TANTO
Soccer immortal PELE
Some emergency alarms PANICBUTTONS
Some fraternal members ELKS
Some zoo sounds ROARS
Sounds of uncertainty ERS
South Asian palm BETEL
Spine-tingling (Var.) EERY
Standing postures STANCES
Studio head (Var.) TSAR
Subway alternative CAB
Thawing agent DEICER
They could turn down their noses SSTS
They make up a big spread ACRES
They may be calculated RISKS
Thing to be picked NIT
Took charge LED
Tree trunk BOLE
Triangular Greek letter DELTA
Turned over, as property RESOLD
Type of chip POTATO
Ump parallel REF
Unproductive BARREN
Venezuelan river in an Enya title ORINOCO
Vijay Singh's org. PGA
Vocal woe RASP
Wish away RUE
With resolute determination STEADFASTLY
Word from the crib GOO
Word with "speed" or "sand" TRAP
Yen fraction SEN
Young salmon PARR
___ anglais (English horn) COR
___ out (introduce) TROT
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