How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 14 2019

"Give me a break!" cmon
"Oh, yeah? Watch me!" canso
"Romeo Must Die" martial artist jetli
"This is e'er so tragic!" alas
$$$ dispenser atm
*Likeness illustrator (first two + last five) portraitpainter
*Rave scene (first three letters + last one) clubculture
*Salsa scooper (first one + last two) tortillachip
*Undiscovered knack (first two + last two) hiddentalent
A single time once
Activist Yoko ono
Administer, as Botox inject
Agreement pact
All-___ cast female
Assistance from a tutor, say ... or a hint to the starred answers' indicated letters outsidehelp
At peak attentiveness rapt
Berry in a trendy bowl acai
Berry who played Dorothy Dandridge halle
Blacken in the kitchen sear
Boo-boo owie
Boy lad
Bruins' sch ucla
Canadian bank deposit cheque
Cherokee, e.g tribe
Chewy rice cake mochi
Colorful aquarium fish tetra
Do fall yardwork rake
Fabrication lie
Fall for a banana peel prank slip
Game show channel? espn
Golfer's final shot, often putt
Goofs errs
Grin from ear to ear beam
Harness for oxen yoke
Hathaway of "Ocean's 8" anne
Hosp. part icu
Hosp. parts ers
Iconic Parks rosa
It may be breaking or bad news
It usually beats a king ace
Lake near Reno tahoe
Lhasa's land tibet
Lil' Kim genre rap
Maple Leafs' org nhl
Metric ruler divisions: Abbr cms
More frozen over icier
Not pro- anti
Not quite right off
Not well ill
Participate in crew row
Places of interest to ufologists crashsites
Places to hear aahs spas
Pointillism point dot
Seth's son enos
Shift for special occasions, say partydress
Sound like a dove coo
Squirrels store them acorns
Subject topic
Sugar substitute in a blue packet equal
Summer shirt tee
Swamp creature, for short croc
Symbol carved on a pole totem
Tennis legend Arthur ashe
Text format letters sms
Thread cylinder spool
Tolerate endure
Took major steps? strode
Turn green, e.g dye
Utterly lost atsea
Vineyard measure acre
What warm milk might do curdle
Win every game sweep
Without restriction freely
Without slack taut
___ mic night open
___ Schwab les
___ tots tater
___ vera aloe
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