How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 04 2011

"... with the greatest of ___" EASE
"Are we having fun ___?" YET
"Bolero" composer RAVEL
"Peer Gynt" dramatist IBSEN
"Seinfeld" uncle LEO
Afrikaner BOER
Appear SEEM
Asia's Trans ___ range ALAI
Bonded one SERF
Bread spread OLEO
Broadway disaster FLOP
Civil War soldier REB
Close to home LOCAL
Command to Fido SIC
Crockett's mission? ALAMO
Dessert whipped up in a pastry shop CHOCOLATEECLAIR
Dessert whipped up on a dairy farm VANILLAICECREAM
Dessert whipped up on an orchard APPLEBROWNBETTY
Diarist Frank ANNE
Do a bank job? LEND
Early model PROTOTYPE
Factor in a wine rating BODY
Faith, ___ and love HOPE
Fan's focus IDOL
Filmdom's Sophia LOREN
Financed FUNDED
Floating jail BRIG
Freshwater duck TEAL
Frilly LACY
Garden tool HOE
Gave the boot FIRED
Genesis patriarch ADAM
German novelist HESSE
Gets rid of the gray DYES
Greek sun god HELIOS
Gumbo veggie OKRA
Gunky stuff CRUD
Harrow's rival ETON
Hit the runway LAND
Israeli war hero Moshe DAYAN
Jog one's memory REMIND
Large antelope ELAND
Lawn plug SOD
Like some flatware STAINLESS
Like the smell of burning rubber ACRID
Make joyful ELATE
Massenet opera MANON
Muffin type BRAN
Muscat denizen OMANI
Not check or charge CASH
Old Italian money LIRA
Perry Mason creator Gardner ERLE
Pig chat OINK
Poker-player's move RAISE
Raccoon kin COATI
Realtor's offering LOT
Reprimand CHIDE
Sawyer's literary pal FINN
Sell with a yell HAWK
Sgt. Snorkel's dog OTTO
Show up ATTEND
Sit-down event MEAL
Solution for dry eyes SALINE
Spanish appetizer TAPA
Speak in Hyde Park ORATE
Tai ___ CHI
Throb ACHE
Time-___ photography LAPSE
Tokyo, once EDO
Vaudeville trooper West MAE
Vocal range ALTO
Washer cycle RINSE
Wee particle ATOM
Witchlike old woman CRONE
Writing on the wall OMEN
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