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Definitions of lapse in various dictionaries:

noun - a mistake resulting from inattention

noun - a break or intermission in the occurrence of something

noun - a failure to maintain a higher state


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Possible Dictionary Clues
a brief or temporary failure of concentration, memory, or judgement.
pass gradually into (an inferior state or condition).
(of a right, privilege, or agreement) become invalid because it is not used, claimed, or renewed expire.
an interval or passage of time.
To fall from a previous level or standard, as of accomplishment, quality, or conduct: lapse into bad habits a team that lapsed into mediocrity halfway through the season.
The act or an instance of lapsing, as:
To deviate from a prescribed or accepted way: lapse into heresy.
A usually minor or temporary failure a slip: a lapse of memory a lapse in judgment.
To allow to lapse.
To go by elapse: Years had lapsed since we last met.
Lapse might refer to
Lapse or lapsed may refer to:
* Lapse and anti-lapse, in the law of wills
* Lapse rate, the rate that atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude
* Lapse: Confessions of a Slot Machine Junkie, a 2013 documentary about gambling addiction
* Doctrine of lapse, an annexationist policy in British India
* The Lapse, an defunct American indie rock band
* Relapse, a medical term used in addiction treatment
* Lapsed (album), a 1997 album by Bardo Pond
* Lapsed power, a constitutionally granted power no longer in use
* Lapsed Catholic, a term for baptized Catholics who no longer practice*
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