How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 07 2014

"Do ___ fa ..." REMI
"Hey, over here!" PSST
"Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" boy ANI
Aboard a ship ASEA
Aerial maneuver LOOP
An Eastern Christian UNIAT
Approximately, as a date CIRCA
Artemis' twin APOLLO
Astronaut Armstrong NEIL
Athenian collonade STOA
Atlantic fish SCUP
Awful state MESS
Baby's word GOO
Barely defeated EDGED
Battery terminals CATHODES
Beach robe CAFTAN
Big wine holders CASKS
Bit of air pollution ASH
Borderlines ENDS
Brownish photo tint SEPIA
Bypass OMIT
Caddie's bagful TEES
Calculator, at times ADDER
Carried TOTED
Certain singing voice ALTO
Change, as a clock RESET
Cloth used in adhesive pads MOLESKIN
College exam type ORAL
Create a sweater KNIT
Discharge through the pores EGEST
Door feature KNOB
English novelist Bagnold ENID
EPA concern SMOG
Eyelid problems STYES
Fictional airline on "Lost" OCEANIC
Former French penny SOU
Gentle as a lamb MEEK
Hagen of the stage UTA
Important military system MISSILEGUIDANCE
Impulsive passion ELAN
Landscape architect's creation TERRACE
Least active IDLEST
Legendary Turner LANA
Lip lotion BALM
Long Island county NASSAU
Marching together INSTEP
Min. fractions SECS
Miss the turnoff, e.g ERR
Moist DAMP
Monastery man MONK
More slippery ICIER
Mr. Peanut feature MONOCLE
Mrs. Peel of "The Avengers" EMMA
Now, it's just Russia USSR
Old-fashioned, in a fashionable way RETRO
Opposed to, to Pappy Yokum AGIN
Plate scraping ORT
Pore in a leaf STOMA
Provide, as with some quality ENDUE
Reverse, e.g GEAR
Roman trio III
Semicolon's cousin COMMA
Sheepshank, for one KNOT
Smoothing tools RASPS
Spanish sun SOL
Stairs alternatives RAMPS
Sunny-___ up SIDE
Trip up a mountain ASCENT
Trojan horse, e.g RUSE
Varieties ILKS
Withdraw (with "out") OPT
Word with "liberal" or "martial" ARTS
___ gin fizz SLOE
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