How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 08 2006

''Father Knows Best'' family name ANDERSON
''Hard ___!'' (helm command) ALEE
''State'' starter TRI
''Today I ____ man'' AMA
''Tom Thumb'' composer ARNE
''Unfortunately ...'' ALAS
A file that can't be opened RASP
A little of this, a little of that OLIO
Acted (as) POSED
Actress Dunne IRENE
Aerie NEST
Bad cut GASH
Barnum's exit EGRESS
Before, poetically ERE
Big English clock BEN
Blues singer James ETTA
Boat race REGATTA
Botanical coverings ARILS
Branch headquarters? NESTS
Brazilian city RIO
Britain, to Caesar ANGLIA
British fellows SODS
Capacity measure CRAN
Capone and Pacino ALS
Carrier to Tel Aviv ELAL
Carved shoe SABOT
Cinches or clinches ICES
Cocktail recipe measure JIGGER
Coffee variety MOCHA
Colony members ANTS
Conestoga, for one WAGON
Course activity GOLF
Covered by waves AWASH
Damon of ''Saving Private Ryan'' MATT
Defensive stalwart, in football LINEBACKER
Delete ERASE
Dinosaur's start EGG
Drive forward IMPEL
Elevator guy OTIS
Empty spaces GAPS
Eye part IRIS
Fare at a luau POI
Farm wagon WAIN
Father-in-law of Jacob LABAN
Feed the pot ANTE
Film event FESTIVAL
Find after a long search UNEARTH
First course, generally SALAD
Five-centime piece of old SOU
Flat-bottomed sled TOBOGGAN
Food list CARTE
For whom the bell tolls THEE
Former French colony ACADIA
Fragrant plant TARRAGON
Freed group of '81 HOSTAGES
Frozen, fruity dessert FRAPPE
Gadgets for Tiger TEES
Generally ASARULE
Gives the green light LETS
Good amount of money PILE
Greek organizations FRATERNITIES
Group of islands belonging to Scotland HEBRIDES
Harvard and MIT, e.g. UNIVERSITIES
Homer's first letter ALPHA
Hyde Park stroller PRAM
ICU offering, hopefully TLC
Illustrious NOTABLE
Immature parasites NITS
Instrument for a Marx HARP
Inuit domicile IGLOO
Irritate RILE
Is in session SITS
Islands near Fiji TONGA
It can move stars LIMO
Kansas City Wizards org. MLS
Kind of card ATM
Labor Dept. section OSHA
Legendary sleeper RIP
Like some terriers WIREHAIRED
Maiden name preceder NEE
Malaysian export TIN
Meat-inspecting org. USDA
Mechanical learning method ROTE
Metric measure ARE
Mexican president, 1988-94 SALINAS
Moderate orange-yellow color OCHRE
Monopoly possessions PROPERTIES
Movie musical based on a Colette novel GIGI
Muy ___ BIEN
Negative votes NAYS
Neighborhood AREA
Nipper's corp. RCA
Nothing special SOSO
Novel necessity PLOT
Offered resistance OPPOSED
One of Columbus' trio PINTA
Optician's creation LENS
Orderly grouping ARRAY
Org. co-founded by Helen Keller ACLU
Overly full SATED
Ovine sign ARIES
Pickler's herb DILL
Piglet's progenitor MILNE
Plastic wrap brand SARAN
Plum form PRUNE
Portends BODES
Possessing wisdom SAPIENT
Prefix for profit or dairy NON
Prong TINE
Public persona IMAGE
Pucker-producing TART
Queasiness NAUSEA
Ragged, as a garment THREADBARE
Regulations against Sunday drinking BLUELAWS
River in Central Europe ODER
Sagacious WISE
Scrub, at Cape Canaveral ABORT
Served perfectly ACED
Shaking, saber-style RATTLING
Shaving cream additive ALOE
Siegfried's partner ROY
Sign of the zodiac LEO
Sine, cosine and tangent RATIOS
Siouan Indian OTOE
Skin-and-bones sort STRINGBEAN
Sleek jets SSTS
Smoke trace WISP
Spherical shape ORB
Square dance participant GAL
Steinbeck's ''___ of Eden'' EAST
Streamlet RILL
Succotash ingredients LIMAS
Tantrum, e.g. SCENE
Tennis great Gibson ALTHEA
Term of address SIR
Tooth's partner NAIL
Transport with a gas engine MOPED
Troubles ILLS
Turns silver to gold? DYES
Tussauds' honorific MADAME
Twerp TWIT
Upturned, as a box ONEND
Vigilant ALERT
Viscount's superior EARL
Want as a price ASK
Wing of a building ELL
With the bow, in music ARCO
Word with ''waste'' and ''want'' NOT
Word with base or scene STEALER
Word with indigestion or test ACID
Wranglers, e.g. JEANS
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