How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 06 2008

''Beowulf,'' for one EPIC
''Clockers'' director LEE
''The Flim-___ Man'' FLAM
''Through the Looking-Glass'' game CHESS
''___ Lobo'' (John Wayne film) RIO
20-0 win, e.g. ROMP
A party to a party? HOST
Accordion folds PLEATS
Act that may be read aloud RIOT
Allowance-earning task, perhaps CHORE
Alternative to nude ECRU
Amusing lark HOOT
Bad stroke SLICE
Barreled along TORE
Bench activity PRESS
Bones, anatomically OSSA
Bowlers pick them up SPARES
Brad of Hollywood PITT
Breaks from fighting TRUCES
Brings up NURTURES
Cause of some shivers AGUE
Chief Scandinavian god ODIN
Closing passages CODAS
Communicated using notes SUNG
Covering for a baby's bottom TALC
CPU environs PCS
Dance that tells a story HULA
Deficiencies NEEDS
Easy stroll PASEO
Emulated David SMOTE
End of a historic quip OFFUTURERESULTS
Exceedingly ULTRA
Existence ESSE
Father-and-daughter boxers ALIS
Feline native to the Americas PUMA
Go without saying OMIT
Good vantage point ROOF
Grand ___ (wine designation) CRU
Hoard to the hilt AMASS
Ignores intentionally SNUBS
It may be lingering DOUBT
It may say ''MAKE $1,000 A DAY!!!'' SPAM
Italian sports apparel brand FILA
Jim-dandy AOKAY
John saved by Pocahontas SMITH
Kettle contents TEA
Kournikova and Karenina ANNAS
Last word of an ultimatum ELSE
Leadfoot detector RADAR
Little suckers LICE
Low-lying wetland MORASS
Middle of a historic quip ISNOTAGUARANTEE
Model with a nose in the air? JET
Nathaniel Hawthorne's birthplace SALEM
Ninja's motion CHOP
Nursery rhyme food CURDS
Nut, basically SEED
One carrying a back pack ASS
Puts one over on SCAMS
Regatta entrants YACHTS
Seed coverings ARILS
Shirt ornament STUD
Start of a historic quip PASTPERFORMANCE
The Pentagon is its HQ DOD
They make a gaggle GEESE
Things in a shopping basket ITEMS
Turkish units of weight OKAS
Type of green-skinned fruit ANJOU
Underwater ray MANTA
Union steward's domain SHOP
Unit of advice PIECE
Well-financed gp.? OPEC
Words in a cluster PHRASE
Words with ''no good'' UPTO
___-en-scène MISE
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