How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Sep 01 2006

'A Treatise of Human Nature' author HUME
'Borstal Boy' author BEHAN
'Funny Girl' composer STYNE
'I've got a new job! Just call me ___' said Bonnie, the mortgage broker LENDINGRAITT
'Just call me ___' said Al, the demolition man BLASTINGCAPP
'Just call me ___' said Eartha, the Indy 500 official STARTERKITT
'Just call me ___' said Geoffrey, the Bronx Bomber YANKEEBEENE
'Just call me ___' said Graham, the guru SAGEGREENE
'Just call me ___' said Joan, the soldier PRIVATEJETT
'Just call me ___' said Max, the mambo king DANCINGBAER
'Just call me ___' said Richard, the troller FISHINGGERE
'Just call me ___' said Sam, the fighter pilot FLYINGNUNN
'Measure for Measure' villain ANGELO
'Omigosh!' YIKES
'Phooey!' FIE
'Pippin' director/choreographer FOSSE
'Smooth Operator' singer SADE
'Wicked Game' singer Chris ISAAK
'___ Fideles' ADESTE
'___ get it!' NOWI
'___ Little Tenderness' TRYA
1961 Connie Francis song NOONE
1992 Wimbledon champ AGASSI
A-bomb trial NTEST
About ASTO
Academic's freedom? TENURE
Accompany GOWITH
Applications USES
Astaire and Simpson ADELES
At right angles to the keel ABEAM
Beach bum's transport DUNEBUGGY
Beat, as a rhythm TAPOUT
Benefit SAKE
Big family CLAN
Booker T.'s backup group MGS
Boss's words, after 'Because' ISAYSO
Bristles SETAE
Browning devices TOASTERS
Brush up on REREAD
Chelsea-to-Chinatown dir. SSE
Chemical suffix IDE
Chicken Marsala, for one ENTREE
City near Disney World KISSIMMEE
Conducted LED
Course position LIE
Creepy crowd OGRES
Cried a river WEPT
Crumb carrier ANT
Didn't quit KEPTON
Dispatched SENT
Domineer (over) LORDIT
Eased, as one's fears ALLAYED
Explorer, e.g. FORD
Farmers' association GRANGE
Film that earned Leslie Caron an Oscar nomination LILI
First Holy Roman emperor OTTOI
Forearm bone ULNA
Fragrant oil ATTAR
French 101 verb ETRE
FSU and NC State are in it ACC
Fun house features NOISES
George Stephanopoulos show THISWEEK
Georgia city known as 'The Granite Capital of the World' ELBERTON
Gift of flowers LEI
God, in Latin class DEUS
Good knights GALAHADS
Great Lakes' ___ Canals SOO
Hair holder GEL
Hammett heroine NORA
Hit 2001 album JLO
Huge name in breweries ANHEUSER
In the past AGO
Incarnation AVATAR
It may be hard to prove INTENT
Italian soprano Renata SCOTTO
Job particular, briefly SPEC
Kenny Rogers hit LADY
Kitchen gadgets PEELERS
Lemon and melon, e.g. ANAGRAMS
Library catalog ID ISBN
Like a buttinsky NOSEY
Like a professor played by Jerry Lewis NUTTY
Like some interviews ONCAMERA
Loss leaders? ATA
Messing on the tube DEBRA
Minute ITSY
Missouri feeder PLATTE
Money manager? EDITOR
Moo ___ pork SHU
Narrow inlet RIA
Newport rival KOOL
NFL linebacker Justin ENA
Notable Virginia family LEES
NYC subway overseer MTA
Opposite of exo- ENTO
Org. that uses the slogan 'Cross Into the Blue' USAF
Paul Anka's '___ Beso' ESO
Peace time LULL
Peril at sea STORM
Pre-calc. course ALG
Protein that allows skin to stretch ELASTIN
Put a spot on, perhaps LIT
Raving speech RANT
Reef residents EELS
Resin used in varnish LAC
River racer SCULL
Rock variety ACID
Sea spots ISLES
South Beach style DECO
Super Bowl XXXIV champs RAMS
Take a chance DARE
Tel Aviv arrival ELAL
Thailand neighbor LAOS
The way a garment falls HANG
There's money in it SAFE
They may be scored as accidentals BSHARPS
They're numbered in NYC STS
Tinseltown's Turner LANA
Toll rd. TPK
Took a stab (at) HADAGO
Two on a bicycle TIRES
Vermont, to Véronique ETAT
Visibly furious AGLARE
Visual junk food TRASHTV
Water tester TOE
Way off AFAR
Where many movie deals are made INLA
Wine, in combinations OENO
Winner's check? MATE
Wins big on poker night CLEANSUP
Wood treatments STAINS
Writer/illustrator Silverstein SHEL
Zimbabwe's capital HARARE
___ buco OSSO
___ facto IPSO
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