How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 19 2010

'Agreed' ICONCUR
'Fantastic Mr. Fox' director Anderson WES
'If I Were a Rich Man' singer TOPOL
'It was worth ___' ASHOT
'Janie's Got ___' (Aerosmith song) AGUN
'Julie & Julia' writer/ director EPHRON
'Oh ___!' (song from the 'Imagine' album YOKO
'The Bucket List' director REINER
'What's more...' AND
1988 National League Rookie of the Year Chris SABO
1999 Broadway revue FOSSE
Agreement with un hombre SISENOR
Animal shelter ARK
Author Canetti ELIAS
Autostrada setting ITALY
Barnett of CNN ERROL
Blogger's 'As I see it...' IMHO
Board game whose goal is Retirement LIFE
Bowlers' cousins FEDORAS
Bread spread OLEO
Camera type, briefly SLR
Carol opener OCOME
Carter creation of 1979 FEMA
Christmas time WINTER
Coil of hair HANK
Colonel's insignia EAGLE
Comic pianist SCHROEDER
Composer Bruckner ANTON
Country singer Travis MERLE
Court org. USTA
Crafty/ mix/ crucial SLYSTIRKEY
Crockett's 'Miami Vice' partner TUBBS
Dairy worker MILKER
Dancer's strap? REIN
Delicious waste CORES
Dictionary abbr. OBS
Dutch exports EDAMS
Ear shell ABALONE
Easternmost state, technically ALASKA
Enveloped by AMID
Ethically unconcerned AMORAL
Except when UNLESS
Exchange SWAP
Fan sound WHIR
Farm female EWE
Farm female/ guesthouse/ depilatory brand/ fan sound MAREINNNAIRRAH
Farm female/ short chat/ be short/ gave rise to SOWWORDOWEBRED
Field sound/ first name in Norse exploration/ 'Today' host CAWLEIFLAUER
Fingernails, essentially KERATIN
Froot Loops box sight TOUCAN
Full of complexities THORNY
GameCube successor WII
Gas given off by ripening fruit ETHENE
GI show group USO
Gleeful ELATED
God, to the Hebrews ELOHIM
Gondola setting CANAL
He served before Johnson LINCOLN
He wears very little clothing KEN
Hiring watchdog org. EEOC
How some newborns are traditionally clad INPINK
Huron neighbors ERIES
Its HQ is in Ramallah PLO
John Travolta's 'Get Shorty' co-star RENERUSSO
Kidnappers of 1974 SLA
Letters on a party invitation BYOB
Like b or d, phonetically PLOSIVE
Like some Bacchanalia participants SATYRIC
Like some stanzas and rescues HEROIC
Like some stocks: Abbr. OTC
Linda of Broadway's 'Jekyll & Hyde' EDER
Lost, as the lead/ withstand/ naturalness BLEWBEAREASE
Loud rant TIRADE
Ma's ma GRAN
Made-to-order CUSTOM
Makes a good point? SCORES
Marianne and Julianne MOORES
Name on the cover of 'Atlas Shrugged' AYN
Negating link NOR
Normandy commune STLO
Numerical prefix TRI
NYSE listings COS
Omit orally ELIDE
One of the Seven Sages of Greece SOLON
One with a lot of baggage? REDCAP
One with a six-yr. term SEN
Org. promoting intelligence NSA
Palmyra setting SYRIA
Pandemonium CHAOS
Pen holders? CELLS
Plymouth family ALDENS
Pork cut LOIN
Pre-hosp. treaters EMTS
Prisoner's court spot DOCK
Proficient ABLE
Proscribe BAN
Racetrack margin/ soup server NECKTUREEN
Rap's ___ Lo Green CEE
Reaches the highest level CRESTS
Really soaked SODDEN
Rio relative TIA
Ritardando, in music SLOWER
Sacks out SLEEPS
Santa portrayer in 'Elf' EDASNER
School-searching tool SONAR
Sew up ICE
Single LONE
Sinister stare EVILEYE
Site of some monkey bars/ sharp/ child support? ZOOKEENKNEE
Skater Lysacek EVAN
Skeptical response SAYSWHO
Software with a store ITUNES
Sophie's portrayer MERYL
Sopwith Camel, for one BIPLANE
Sorting devices SIZERS
Sought a seat RAN
Sound engine sound PURR
Soundly defeat SKUNK
Tabloid fodder DIRT
The Miners' sch. UTEP
They may be fixed in second printings ERRATA
Thumbs-up ASSENT
Title peasant in an 1841 ballet GISELLE
Top of the world POLE
Tournament ranking SEED
Treater's phrase ITSONME
TV host with a big car collection LENO
Video taker, in brief CAM
Wally's bro, with 'the' BEAV
Was a tributary of FEDINTO
What's found at the bottom of the barrel LEES
Wiig gig SNL
Window part/ reunion attendee/ P look-alike SILLAUNTRHO
Women in the futures market SEERESSES
Wool source ALPACA
___-de-sac CUL
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