How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 11 2019

'If This ___ Love' ('Finian's Rainbow' song) isnt
'Phone book' of the internet, briefly dns
'Plaza Suite' playwright simon
'This is so much fun!' whee
'Wait ___!' asec
'Well, I'll be!' blessme
Abraham's son isaac
According to per
Accountant's study taxcode
Acts conspiratorial plots
Admitted coppedto
Afflict ail
Annoy affectionately tease
Appearing on someone else's show guesting
Architectural exterior facade
Aristotle topic logic
At most tops
Baby's berth crib
Becomes famous makesitbig
Belarus capital minsk
Blue hue teal
Bring forth elicit
Buffalo Bill's surname cody
Cable co., often isp
Cascades peak shasta
Cat constellation leo
Claiming cry dibs
Collins base gin
Confine penup
CPR provider emt
Delt neighbor pec
Determines in advance preordains
Detriments minuses
Disney deer bambi
Disorganized messy
Doesn't keep up lags
Dove call coo
Drag behind tow
Eagle's nest aerie
Ear-related otic
Elemental variant isotope
Exaggerate the merits of oversell
Fabulists liars
Fighter of Frazier and Foreman ali
Film in which a German industrialist fights bad breath schindlerslisterine
Film in which a neurotic guy recalls a romance conducted through greeting cards anniehallmark
Film in which an American, seeking an old friend in Vienna, enjoys a hearty lunch thethirdmanwich
Film in which hotel patrons fall in love despite coming from rival gangs westinsidestory
Film in which rival fruit-flavored partisans fight in a galaxy far, far away starburstwars
Film in which the right gum provides insurance against bad breath doublemintindemnity
Fly in the ointment catch
Genetic attribute trait
German cars audis
Ghana capital accra
Good thing to have asset
Hardy title character tess
Height, in combinations acro
Hosts in the penthouse hasup
Inclined atilt
Inquires asks
Israel's foreign affairs minister under Meir eban
Italian luxury shoe brand tods
Jamie of 'M*A*S*H' farr
Lachrymal drop tear
Land in the water islet
Letter after November oscar
Liable prone
Lime, for one oxide
Manages fends
Many deleted messages spam
Many, informally lotta
Mao ___-tung tse
May's party tories
Modern law enforcement procedure dnatest
Musical bits riffs
Natural buzzer bee
Nearby athand
Neb. neighbor sdak
Not as genteel coarser
Not just one both
Note of debt chit
Orthodontist's deg dds
Palm, e.g tree
Pan's pair horns
Parlor piece settee
Parlor piece sofa
Part of a prof's address edu
Pasty dish poi
Persuade induce
Philosophy's Wittgenstein ludwig
Piano student's reference point middlec
Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts setting reno
Plow pullers oxen
Possessive for a pair our
Pottery class creations vases
Primitive drum tomtom
Problem drinker sot
Projecting edge brim
Proofer's find typo
Properly dubbed insync
Puts a limit on caps
Recipe direction stir
Recipe direction mix
Remorseful about ruing
Rend rip
Reply to a knock enter
Restaurant spread tablecloth
Roasting rod spit
Rolls's partner royce
Samuel Pepys, notably diarist
Satirical novelist Stanley elkin
Scouring target grime
Sharpen hone
Singer's 'Yeshiva Boy' yentl
Sister of Chekhov's Masha and Irina olga
Site of residential relaxation porchswing
Sneezy sound achoo
Social rank stature
Some red carpet dresses diors
Someone to root for hero
Special teams play punt
Squat nada
Sticky stuff glue
Sty mother sow
Suave, e.g shampoo
Sydney's state: Abbr nsw
Take shape gel
Terse concession speech ilost
Texter's deferential qualification imho
Trap snare
True loyal
Turns down declines
Twisty swimmers eels
Unfocused apprehension angst
Unseemly display scene
Web page heading aboutus
When you're reading this now
With an ___ (contemplating) eyeto
Worthless coin sou
___ de plume nom
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