How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jun 14 2013

'...___ a lender be' NOR
'Now it ___ told...' CANBE
'___ a deal!' ITS
2009 film featuring the ten-foot-tall Na'vi people AVATAR
A big fan of INTO
Altar exchange IDOS
Alternatives to Slurpees ICEES
Applicant's aim JOB
Batiking need WAX
Big name in casual clothes GAP
Black brew JAVA
Black Watch topper TAM
Black, to Byron EBON
Bonanza yield ORE
Brand with a spinnaker logo NAUTICA
Brewpub array ALES
Broad valley DALE
Candy that includes the licorice-flavored Crows brand DOTS
Cat-___-tails ONINE
Colo. neighbor OKLA
Colo. neighbor WYO
Command to the cavalry MOUNTUP
Country album? ATLAS
Creosote source TAR
Cry at la tauromaquia OLE
Dazed and confused OUTOFIT
Degrade ABASE
Diner offering EATS
Duplicitous SLY
Economist's symbol for elasticity ETA
Elbow protector PAD
Elucidating words IMEAN
Emeralds, essentially BERYLS
Feature of the members of Group 1 STARS
Feature of the members of Group 2 STRIPES
Feta-making need BRINE
First nation to win the World Cup: Abbr URU
Flora and fauna of a region BIOTA
Folkestone folks BRITS
Football center AIR
Frequent kidnapper of 41-Down LEX
Gasoline-fueled car inventor BENZ
Gave support to AIDED
Heat rub target ACHE
Here, in Haiti ICI
Home of the WNBA's Shock TULSA
Hometown of TV's McCloud TAOS
Iberian inn POSADA
In a way, informally SORTA
Infancy, figuratively CRADLE
Internal audit? CATSCAN
Irritating RILING
Is a real looker TURNSHEADS
It may have four legs RACE
Jerry in the Basketball Hall of Fame LUCAS
Kevlar clothing VESTS
Last film directed by Howard Hawks RIOLOBO
Last name in a Blackmore title DOONE
Lawn invaders WEEDS
Lifted STOLE
Like an overcast sky SLATY
Like some Victoria's Secret offerings LACY
Lowly worker PEON
Maynard's friend on a classic sitcom DOBIE
Medal-winning Mary Lou RETTON
Member of Group 1 ARMYGENERAL
Member of Group 1 TEXACOSIGN
Member of Group 1 HOLLYWOOD
Member of Group 1 and Group 2 THEAMERICANFLAG
Member of Group 2 BENGALTIGER
Member of Group 2 BARBERPOLE
Member of Group 2 CANDYCANE
Military band member FIFER
Minor criticism NIT
Mo. with a lot of boos OCT
Mother of Castor and Pollux LEDA
Naught NIL
Naught ZERO
Neighbor of Provo OREM
Nickname of jazz legend Earl Hines FATHA
Nutritionists' topics FOODS
Offering repairs FIXIT
One immune from criticism SACREDCOW
One unable to keep a straight face, perhaps BADLIAR
One with evenly spaced teeth COG
Overbearing BOSSY
Paperless periodical EZINE
Perry's top reporter LOIS
Place to retire COT
Places to retire BEDS
Plant with thick, toothed leaves ALOE
Plow puller MULE
Poppy, e.g REDORANGE
Popular LOVED
Pound note, in English slang ONER
Prosperous period BOOM
Publisher whose Boeing 727 was named Capitalist Tool FORBES
Purely academic MOOT
Queen Elizabeth 2, for one OCEANLINER
Queen's followers BEES
Renaissance Fair props LUTES
Rent out LET
Runs while standing still IDLES
Safety setting ENDZONE
Said twice, equivalent of 'Nothing new' SAMEOLD
Sam's co-host on a 1990s Sunday morning news program COKIE
Sarges, e.g NONCOMS
Savile Row threads FIBRES
Scone's cousin TEACAKE
Screeching baby OWLET
Screeners' org TSA
Secret stores CACHES
Sharks' enemies JETS
She's got a wool coat EWE
Ship's slammer BRIG
Shoemaker's materials SUEDES
Souk shopper ARAB
Spicy meal follow-up, perhaps ANTACID
Spot for a shot BAR
Stay on a ship BRACE
Stock holder PEN
Summer suit material LINEN
Surrounded by AMONG
Surrounded by AMID
Tad's dad ABE
They're often glossed over LIPS
Union jack? DUES
Victim of a check KING
Waits in the recording studio TOM
Where 'He put the man whom He had formed' EDEN
Words from Wordsworth ODE
Yellowstone's Lion, Steamboat or Castle GEYSER
Yes, in Yokohama HAI
Zorro's real first name DIEGO
___ out a living EKE
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