How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 27 2018

'...___ comes to that' ifit
'Been there, pal!' icanrelate
'Burn, house! sink, Athens!' crier timon
'I'm being serious!' noreally
'Phooey!' crud
'Sit tight!' stayhere
'Terrific!' super
'The Lord of the Rings,' e.g trilogy
1963 title role for Shirley irma
A quarter of the deck clubs
Acid type amino
Amish transportation with a driving force? impulsebuggy
Any but the Hogwarts Express? muggletrain
Asian secret society tong
Bad way to go awol
Behind late
Blood vessel, anatomically vena
Bother eatat
Bruins great orr
Bus schedule abbr arr
Caesar conquest gaul
Certain something aura
Charlotte ___ (dessert) russe
Cheap and showy brassy
Chronic complainers nags
City downriver from Avignon arles
City near railroad's Horseshoe Curve altoona
Coffee dispenser urn
Cold comfort? blessyou
Collection of dishes meal
Come to the point? taper
Condition of some 1990s hip-hop pants? baggystate
Connecting point node
Conscious-unconscious mediator ego
Consensus unity
Corpse, in combinations necro
Crime boss mrbig
Dagger handle hilt
Daisy lead-in upsy
Deal result hands
Dealing with the situation onit
Detainee captive
Double-check the price of, maybe rescan
Eccentric folks oddballs
Even tied
Faded away waned
Fireplace sight log
Fraternal group elks
Freight carrier barge
Gobs alot
Granny's daughters aunts
Gravy that's too watery? soggysauce
Hardly cordial icy
Hardy heroine tess
Hawk vend
Hot shot marksman
Incense anger
Insurance co. staff agts
Key hider, at times mat
Key note producer piano
Killing time? ides
Lab tubes pipettes
Lake Pend Oreille is in its panhandle idaho
Laundry loss sock
Legal proceeding hearing
Lhasa ___ apso
Like chestnuts hoary
Like snoops nosy
Lobbying group for seniors aarp
Long in the Pro Football Hall of Fame howie
Loses sheds
Lunch spot diner
Lunch spots cafes
Major setbacks bodyblows
Makes side-to-side motions hulas
Match makeup sets
Medical work-up tests
Middle Eastern sultanate oman
Most steadfast truest
Mournful poem elegy
Murder makeup crows
Not as demanding easier
Not even close to agreeing milesapart
Novel ideas plots
Old parade sights bandwagons
One of New Zealand's official languages maori
Optimally atbest
Pamplona cry ole
Pamplona runners toros
Panhandling penguin, perhaps? polarbeggar
Password bit, often digit
Political party principle plank
Primal desires urges
Primed ready
Quaint cheer rah
Quakers living in quagmires? boggyfriends
Quite well nicely
Radius neighbor ulna
Raises, as sagging slacks hikesup
Raucous squawk blat
Recounted told
Rehearsal request line
Rep.'s counterpart sen
Restaurant work prep
River nymph naiad
Scary woman hag
Scooter's cousin motorbike
See 86-Down lau
Shady spot bower
Skull and Bones school yale
Some diocese doings rites
Sound of Washington puget
Sources of annoyance banes
Spoil mar
Staff leaders? gclefs
Staggering areel
Start of a committee proposal imove
Start the bidding open
Stunning serve ace
Tar salt
Tar seaman
The Emerald Isle eire
The MiTo, the Giulia and the 4C Spider alfaromeos
They may be picked for a record guitars
Title for an expert at side-to-side motions? princeofwaggles
Ultimate last
Underwire holder bra
Vaccine variety oral
Venus's sister serena
Vicious savage
Victim of temptation eve
View from the Valley of the Kings nile
Warner Bros. collectible cel
Wave, e.g gesture
Wings ells
With 105-Across, Hong Kong star in 2016's 'The Great Wall' andy
Wolfish look leer
Words of approximation orso
Words with dare or tear ona
Wrist adornments bangles
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