How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Oct 10 2010

'Auld Lang __' SYNE
'Diciembre' follower ENERO
'Giant' author Ferber EDNA
'Spanglish' actor Adam SANDLER
'Star Wars' cuties EWOKS
'Take it easy!' WHOA
Abbr. on a memo ATTN
As well TOBOOT
Audio makeover REMIX
Beatified Junipero SERRA
Big Ten team ILLINI
Birds and people BIPEDS
Blender at a bar SHAKER
Blues guitarist Block RORY
Bollywood setting INDIA
Boston's AL division EAST
Bow application ROSIN
BP merger partner AMOCO
Brown beverage COCOA
Cap worn with a kilt TAM
Capote, to playgoers TRU
Cheek muscle, for short GLUTE
Chic eatery BISTRO
Cleaning cloth RAG
Clever in conversing WITTY
Climber's playground CRAG
Concord UNITY
Corsage blossom ORCHID
De Valera of Ireland EAMON
Diminutive WEE
Dividing INTO
Do penance ATONE
Dormant state SLEEP
Drive or work OPERATE
Driveling researcher? PAVLOV
Eight, as a prefix OCTA
Employing USING
Fan club focus IDOL
Fanatics NUTS
Far from relaxed TENSE
Fare served little by little? GRADUALFOOD
Fit to serve ONEA
For example SAY
French air hub ORLY
Gets less white TANS
Gillette razor brand ATRA
Give for the nonce LEND
Glittering above STARRY
Granola granules OATS
Gush in a bad way SPEW
Hard to understand ABSTRACT
Hence ERGO
Herds of elk GANGS
Here, in Haiti ICI
Hollywood's Harvey KEITEL
Homer-hitter's pace TROT
Immortal archer AMOR
In a meek way SHYLY
In two places APART
Jails at sea BRIGS
Killer whales ORCAS
Laid-back young inventor? TOMSLUGGISH
Layered entree LASAGNA
Leaves PAGES
Leisurely moneymaking scheme? GETRICHINAWHILE
Lets off EMITS
Light benders PRISMS
Lightly fry SAUTE
Like a perennial HARDY
Long-awaited John Lennon single? TARDYKARMA
Loser to a pair ACEHIGH
Main point THRUST
Maxim the writer GORKI
Meals for some bats FIGS
Morose GLUM
Mush for the lazy cook? POKEYPUDDING
No longer bright FADED
Novel on an iPad EBOOK
Old stereo brand AIWA
One over par BOGEY
P's, to Plato RHOS
Pair-bonding parrot MACAW
Paul who wrote 'My Way' ANKA
Peer's title LORDSHIP
Perches SITS
Phil of skiing fame MAHRE
Pizza prerequisite DOUGH
Plains people CREE
Poi-making need TARO
Port of Poland GDANSK
Prudence, for one VIRTUE
Rake over the coals SCATHE
Ran the show EMCEED
React to onions TEAR
Real estate units ACRES
Relatively new wings ANNEXES
Reluctant LOATH
Ribbon-shaped fish EEL
Roseanne of comedy BARR
Simple chord TRIAD
Size of paper LEGAL
Slithery stinger ASP
Small and dainty PETITE
Smartphone PDA
Sort of mail or letter CHAIN
Sort of shark MAKO
Spanakopita cheese FETA
Speedy Amtrak train ACELA
Stable youngster FOAL
Start of a quiz? WHAT
Start to drowse NODOFF
Stitch up anew RESEW
Subjective studies ARTS
Take it easy, with 'on' GOSOFT
Takes a little off SKIMS
The elder Dumas PERE
The Sixers' PA home PHI
Took apart UNDID
Town with a 24-hour race LEMANS
Travel papers VISAS
Travis of country music TRITT
Tristram Shandy's creator STERNE
Type of acid AMINO
Unclear MURKY
Unhurried delivery service? PONYWHENEVER
Unit of power WATT
Venetian resort LIDO
Venture forth EMERGE
Victory celebration PARADE
Waiting rooms LOUNGES
Wanders STRAYS
War film in slo-mo? APOCALYPSELATER
Warlike Olympian ARES
Way of some Asians TAO
What kittens elicit AWS
Where South Dakotans take it easy? TORPIDCITY
Where to buy wares MARKET
Wherewithal MEANS
X substitute? SWAK
YouTube offering VIDEO
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