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The A.V Club Mar 05 2008

'But why is she blogging in every episode?' (highly literal TV title #1) GOSSIPGIRL
'I'm Gonna Git You ___' (Keenen Ivory Wayans film) SUCKA
'No way!' UHUH
'So what exactly are they plotting?' (highly literal TV title #5) PRISONBREAK
'Tic-Tac-Dough' winning line OOO
'Welcome to the human network' company CISCO
'What's the fate of the crew?' (highly literal TV title #4) LOSTINSPACE
'Where and when do the main characters work?' (highly literal TV title #3) NIGHTCOURT
'Who are these people, and how are they related?' (highly literal TV title #2) FRIENDS
'___ My System' (song by Bow Wow) OUTTA
1040 ID SSN
32,000 ounces ONETON
ACL injury locale KNEE
Activity involving a 20-sided die, maybe: Abbr. RPG
Aperture setting FSTOP
Aquatic nymphs of Greek myth NAIADS
Attempt STAB
Bad time to be awoken ONEAM
Band with the 1990 album 'Lock Up the Wolves' DIO
Brand name derived from the French for 'without caffeine' SANKA
Bull shit detectors? NOSES
Cheese with a moldy rind BRIE
Colonoscopy find POLYP
Contents of some wallets CDS
Death Row Records co-founder Knight SUGE
Don, perhaps MOBBOSS
Fails miserably TANKS
Fair ___ USE
Fat Man and Little Boy, for two ABOMBS
Feel the pressure, so to speak SWEAT
First friend on 4-Down TOM
Flower that means 'flame' PHLOX
Fox foot PAW
Funny Dick ANDY
Goblet part STEM
Goes on and on on the phone YAKS
Goes outside of coverage ROAMS
He played Clubber Lang MRT
Hilton with a blog PEREZ
Home to every undisputed world chess champions during the 1950's and 1960's USSR
Ill will MALICE
Jazz critic Hentoff NAT
Let sit, as wine AGED
Like a teenager's room, stereotypically MESSY
Like objects in a Newtonian law ATREST
Like some outlooks ROSY
Lines on sheet music STAVES
Loy of 'The Thin Man' series MYRNA
Member of the group D12 EMINEM
Moon named for a Phoenician, not a continent EUROPA
Murdoch product MYSPACE
Pain relief brand ALEVE
People people?: Abbr. EDS
Pierce, in a way IMPALE
Prefix meaning 'ear' AUR
Rep's foe DEM
Road map lines: abbr. STS
Rosen and Roker ALS
Runny part of a nursery rhyme meal WHEY
Simoleon CLAM
Snitches NARCS
Stereo jack type RCA
Stinking AWFUL
Take the wrong way? PURLOIN
They may be rehearsed by salesmen SPIELS
Toward the back of the craft AFT
Travel stopover INN
Tuesday, in Quebec MARDI
Under the covers INBED
Unusual collection EXOTICA
Vinegar dispensers CRUETS
Window washer's surface PANE
Wire-and-plaster wall covering STUCCO
___ pla (fish sauce) NAM
___ spit (kiss) SWAP
___-K (school for tots) PRE
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