How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine May 21 2006

"For ___ jolly good ..." HESA
"Hard ___!" (helm command) ALEE
"Heinz 57"-type dog MUTT
"I Won't ___ Day Without You" LASTA
"Love is all I ever ___ find here" (John Denver) HOPEDTO
"The Boot" ITALY
"You said it!" AMEN
Abbr. on stamps USA
Aggravated one's condition? IRE
Aristocratic NOBLE
Asia-crossing guy MARCO
Author Ferber EDNA
Be in the red OWE
Bennett and Randall TONYS
Big Red, once MAO
BPOE members ELKS
Campaign-button spot LAPEL
Certain terminal ANODE
Cheese lover RAT
Chef's bottleful OIL
Chickens, ducks, etc. FOWL
Church areas NAVES
Circles overhead? HALOES
City in SW Russia OMSK
City palls SMOGS
Community-activity bldgs. CTRS
Company founded by Rockefeller SOHIO
Computer customer USER
Course for a Dr.-to-be ANAT
Cummerbund SASH
Curtain fabric ORGANDY
Docs' grp. AMA
Drama-filled TENSE
Early Tonight Show host PAAR
Earnest appeals PLEAS
Easter Parade star ASTAIRE
Extent SCOPE
Extinct bird MOA
Farm butter? RAM
Filbert, for one NUT
First name in ragas RAVI
Frenetically LIKEMAD
Fumbling folks KLUTZES
German article DER
Got there first WON
Greek letter PSI
Had something ATE
Handmade, as cigars ROLLED
Hill's partner? DALE
Hops-drying oven OAST
Huge Brit. ref. works OEDS
Infield fly POPUP
Instrument that measures thickness CALIPER
Jazz joint job GIG
Jughead's pal ARCHIE
Kareem, before LEW
Korbut et al. OLGAS
Label anew RETAG
Lady's escort GENT
Legally old enough OFAGE
Letter start SIRS
Letterman's letters? CBSTV
Light brown ECRU
Like poker chips, often STACKED
Liqueur flavoring ANISE
MGM sound effect ROAR
Music from a Kingston trio? SKA
Music partner? WORDS
Nasal partitions SEPTA
Night predators OWLS
Noisy god THOR
Of the skin DERMAL
Pariah LEPER
Part of a coop group HEN
Part of Welk's intro ATWO
Peek follower ABOO
Personal account? BIO
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Portent OMEN
Pre-citizenship course: abbr. ESL
Putting on ___ (showing off) THEDOG
Q-U filler RST
Radical '60s grp. SDS
Ranking higher than ABOVE
Raw material ORE
Reaction to the Beatles MANIA
Recalled diet aid, Fen-___ PHEN
Receive in a will INHERIT
Reef lurkers EELS
Resort village near the Kennedys' home HYANNIS
Rouge alternatives, in roulette NOIRS
Samoa studier Margaret MEAD
Scoreless score OTOO
Settle (up) PAY
Sexy toon with a garter BOOP
Shakespeare teen ROMEO
Sherpa's home NEPAL
Showy perennial DAHLIA
Singer Pinza EZIO
Slangy negative UHUH
Sofa scratcher CAT
Some rail transit ELS
SpongeBob's home SEA
Start of a Steinbeck title EAST
Start of the work wk. MON
Study at the last minute CRAM
Tampa, for one BAY
Tests one's metal? ASSAYS
The Thin Man co-star LOY
To's opposite FRO
Tot's cry MAMA
Tube prize EMMY
Two of racing's Unsers ALS
Types of TV broadcast signals UHFS
U.K. record label EMI
Underdog victories UPSETS
Untrue NOTSO
Up to one's ears (in) AWASH
Upper-left PC key ESC
Vault line, in architecture GROIN
Vitamin bottle abbr. RDA
Watchful ones EYERS
Way to the altar AISLE
Without moving INERTLY
Wrigley's field GUM
Written like THIS ALLCAPS
_ _ _ _ _ STEEPSLOPE
___ of faith ALEAP
___ pig GUINEA
___ the cleaners TOOKTO
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