How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 21 1997

'I understand!' GOTIT
'Just say no,' for instance SLOGAN
'Tasty!' YUM
'___ the Craziest Dream' (1942 song) IHAD
Actress Petty LORI
Aristocratic types SILKSTOCKINGS
Beloved comic's nickname COS
Berlioz's 'Les nuits d'___' ETE
Better than good FINE
Brink EDGE
Campus figure DEAN
Cantaloupes MELONS
Classic Rousseau novel EMILE
Clobber DECK
Components of elevens ONES
Conquistador's haul ORO
Contained, with 'up' PENT
Courtyards ATRIA
Cries of pain OWS
Deep laugh HOHO
Detectives, for short PIS
Didn't give a definite answer HEDGED
Draconian HARSH
E or G, e.g. KEY
Ending with schnozz OLA
Farm mudholes STIES
Favorable life insurance category NONSMOKER
Former sneaker brand AVIA
Full house sign SRO
Get-go ONSET
Heaven SKY
Hesitant sounds ERS
Impertinent one SNIP
Intrepid BRAVE
Isn't feeling good AILS
Kind of flu ASIAN
Like a snake-oil salesman SLICK
Like fine wine AGED
Long ___ AGO
Mao ___-tung TSE
Mata ___ HARI
Miff IRE
Move like lava FLOW
Newspapers, TV, etc. MEDIA
Nondairy topping OLEO
Noted short-story writer SAKI
Packs down TAMPS
Phrase in a new way, as a question REFRAME
Popular brew from Holland AMSTEL
Proclamation EDICT
Revival shouts AMENS
Salespeople, informally REPS
Self-righteously virtuous types GOODYTWOSHOES.
Shaving cut NICK
Sheepish reply BAA
Shot again, as a photo RETOOK
Singer Della REESE
Small sharks DOGFISHES
Something to do TASK
Start of many naval vessel names USS
Steamy HOT
Subject to breezes AIRY.
Suffix with psych- or neur- OTIC
Tempe sch. ASU
Throw hard HURL
To the ___ degree NTH
Unexpected wins UPSETS
Uproots? WEEDS
Used binoculars, maybe SPIED
Van Gogh's 'Irises,' e.g. OIL
Vassal LIEGE
Where 'e'en' is seen POESY
Where the Vatican is ROME
White heron EGRET
Work unit ERG
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