How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 16 2003

'Do I have a volunteer?' ANYONE
'Only Time' singer ENYA
'Rescue 911' network CBS
'That's hogwash!' PISH
'The Kiss' sculptor RODIN
'___ Heartbeat' (1991 Amy Grant hit) EVERY
'___ won't!' (curt refusal) NOI
1950's-60's missiles THORS
A peer EARL
Aaron's brother MOSES
Ab ___ (from the beginning) OVO
Abbr. at the bottom of a business letter ENCL
Actress Petty LORI
Alternative to Chuck CHAS
Ancient land with a sea named after it IONIA
Arrived MADEIT
Batik artists, e.g. DYERS
Big name in games HOYLE
Bjorn rival ILIE
Blood of the gods, in Greek myth ICHOR
Blows away ASTOUNDS
Blows it ERRS
Bomb developed in the 1950's EDSEL
Botanical creeper VINE
Bowl over WOW
Bribe, say, a gardener? PAYOFFINSPADES
Butterfingers KLUTZ
Canines' neighbors INCISORS
Carmaker Maserati ERNESTO
Chicken ___ KIEV
Christmas decoration SANTA
Clodhopper OAF
Clothes dryer AIR
Club charges DUES
Commencing ASOF
Continental divide URAL
Coolidge's Veep DAWES
Corn product SYRUP
Dark shade NAVY
Do humor in the style of Alfred E. Neuman? WRITELIKEMAD
Duck with a broad bill SHOVELER
Dummkopf DODO
Dungeonlike DANK
Dusting target CROP
Elisabeth of 'Leaving Las Vegas' SHUE
Emulate some of Bach's composing? WORKWITHAPASSION
Excerpts CLIPS
Fast food order BURGER
Flute sound TOOTLE
French high HAUTE
Full extent SPAN
Geometrical prefix TRI
Get a ride for seismological research? BEDRIVENTOAFAULT
Gift of flowers LEI
Girl rescued by Don Juan LEILA
Great start? MAXI
Grps. ORGS
Hero's pride MEDAL
Herringlike fishes SHADS
Human cracker YEGG
Income source for seniors, for short IRAS
Informed POSTED
Ingratiate ENDEAR
Jacksonville-to-Miami dir. SSE
Jamaica-based music SKA
James ___ Garfield ABRAM
Jones of the original Rolling Stones BRIAN
Just fine AOK
Kaffiyeh wearer ARAB
Karel Capek play RUR
Kind of standard GOLD
Like a rainbow ARCED
Listers on eBay SELLERS
Loud complaints YOWLS
Make a monster smart? STINGSOMETHINGFIERCE
Many a hymn CHORALE
Metro area URB
Minnesota's state bird LOON
Mixed-with-white, as horsehair ROAN
Model T contemporaries REOS
Mooring sites PIERS
Natl. Adoption Awareness Month NOV
Not up ABED
Ohio University site ATHENS
One stocking NYLON
One who may O.K. a KO REF
One-named Spanish singer/actress CHARO
Opposite of windward ALEE
Ottoman title PASHA
Past potentate TSAR
PC program APP
Poshness LUXE
Present from birth INNATE
Printing press part INKER
Punch response OUCH
Queen who wrote 'Leap of Faith' NOOR
Rap progenitor ___ Scott-Heron GIL
Ready to be drafted ONTAP
Repudiated DISOWNED
Reset figure ZERO
River in Aberdeen DEE
River in D-Day news ORNE
Rollers of R's IRISH
Row house hangout STOOP
Salsa quality TANG
Saturn satellite DIONE
Scrape together EKEOUT
Seating section TIER
Seek intelligence SPY
Set right AMEND
Shoot the breeze JAW
Shooting target? ENEMY
Showy musical style BRAVURA
Spot broadcast, often PROMO
Strong-arm COERCE
Support for a 28-Across TRELLIS
Take first place in a whiskey drinking contest? WINBYALONGSHOT
Thumbs-up YES
Title girl in a 2001 French comedy AMELIE
Today's platters CDS
Torrential SEVERE
Traffic sign MERGE
Troubles WOES
Un vote, peut-être OUI
Walked purposefully STRODE
Welsh rabbit ingredient ALE
What mold might do at an obesity clinic? DEVELOPONALARGESCALE
When repeated, a rebuke TUT
With God as one's co-pilot? SOLO
Withhold praise for certain football linemen? APPLAUDNOEND
___ date (makes wedding plans) SETSA
___ de vivre JOIE
___ Lauder ESTEE
___ Romeo ALFA
___ Sad (city on the Danube) NOVI
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