How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 28 2019

'Go now!' leave
'Hell, yeah!' damnright
'___ Stars' (long-running show in which experts appraise and buy antiques) pawn
Alternative to a door between rooms beads
Arctic people inuit
Asia's ___ Sea aral
Assigned stars to rated
Backstage behindthescenes
Basement of a castle, perhaps dungeon
Basket part grabbed after slam-dunking rim
Before, to bards ere
Beginning onset
Blue Angels' org usn
Book after Num deut
Change alter
Chocolaty spread nutella
Co. leader ceo
Communicate (with) interface
Confuse addle
Cooperative, balanced type, they say libra
Disagree ... or a hint to the starts of 17-, 26-, 40- and 49-Across buttheads
Downed, as a sandwich ate
Dried plum prune
Elizabeth of cosmetics arden
Emmy genre drama
Ergo thus
Everest, e.g.: Abbr mtn
Final amount bottomline
Final amount net
Find a second function for reuse
Food company with a sunburst in its logo dole
Group whose activities pick up in Sept pta
Have the wheel steer
Hitchcock movie with James Stewart and Grace Kelly rearwindow
Honest ___ abe
I.R.S. digits: Abbr ssn
In ___ (unborn) utero
Intense beam laser
Intentionally lost threw
It's a good thing asset
Japanese comic art manga
Jesse of the 1936 Olympics owens
John who's the subject of 2019's 'Rocketman' elton
Like bunny slopes, among all ski runs easiest
Little more than mere
Nikola who invented the induction motor tesla
Not just mine ours
Opposite of WSW ene
Passover meal seder
Photo display option album
Place to get pampered spa
Prefix with liberal neo
Prince Harry, to Prince George and Princess Charlotte uncle
Purina alternative iams
Residents of London's 10 Downing St pms
Response to 'Who broke this?!' notme
Right angle ell
Rx watchdog fda
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen rae
Street in 'Perry Mason' della
Suddenly stop, as an engine stall
Suffix with bachelor or kitchen ette
Superbrainy sort nerd
Tonsillitis-treating doc ent
Tuna holders tins
Tuna type ahi
Twain who sang 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman!' shania
Unsettled feeling angst
Visit at 2 a.m., say, as a fridge raid
Walk proudly strut
Wander locally with no plans bumaround
Water under le pont eau
Weather-related game cancellation rainout
Website's access page portal
When U.S. election results are usually published: Abbr wed
Work done while tethered to a space station, for short eva
___ Aviv tel
___ bar (toffee candy) heath
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